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DataWeave is an AI-powered SaaS platform that provides Competitive Intelligence as a Service to consumer brands and eCommerce businesses, enabling them to compete profitably and accelerate revenue growth. The company was founded in 2011 and has grown to a team of 125+ employees located across offices in San Francisco, Seattle, Baltimore, Boston, Singapore, and Bangalore.

DataWeave is a trusted partner of Overstock, QVC, Transamerica Auto Parts, Adidas, Dorel, Sauder, and many more retailers and brands globally. The company was ranked 3rd in South East Asia and 121st in APAC on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 2019, having grown 660%+ in revenue over three years.


Data Offering

eCommerce businesses use DataWeave to optimize their pricing and merchandising strategies, enabling them to identify and act on price improvement opportunities and plug high-demand gaps in their assortment. Consumer brands use DataWeave to optimize their digital shelf and protect their brand equity on online marketplaces. Popular use cases include enhancing their Share of Voice, content quality, and product availability, as well as minimizing pricing violations, and counterfeit product listings.

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DataWeave has not published pricing information for their data services. This is common practice for data vendors and providers. Contact DataWeave to obtain current pricing.

Use Cases

Pricing Intelligence for retailers
Drive efficient pricing across thousands of products to maximize revenues and margins. Tweak the prices of products that are priced either too low or too high.
Identify and act on areas where your competitive price position can be optimized to trigger more sales or drive the desired price perception.
Gain an in-depth view into your competitor’s pricing strategies historically to anticipate price movements. Combine stock status information with competitive pricing insights to make smarter and aggressive pricing decisions.

Assortment Intelligence for retailers
Improve your customer acquisition and retention by hosting a wide range of in-demand products in your assortment.
Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your product assortment. Maintain a favorable mix of unique, overlapping, and out-of-stock products in your product assortment compared to your competition.
Identify and act on high-demand gaps in your product assortment relative to your top competitors. Spot newly added, out-of-stock, replenished and discontinued products in your product assortment, relative to competing retailers.

Digital Shelf Analytics for brands
Boost your Share of Search and Share of Category on online marketplaces to drive more traffic to your brand. Audit and enhance your catalog content to be on par with industry best practices and improve conversion rates. Track and improve your product availability and pricing across retailers, even at a store-level. Unearth customer sentiment on your products and its features via AI-powered analysis of product reviews.

Brand Protection for brands
Minimize MAP violations in your product portfolio, curb unauthorized merchants and spot fake products being sold online.

Data Sources & Collection

DataWeave’s proprietary data aggregation platform acquires millions of data points from the public Web across geographies, ZIP codes, and languages, every day. Data can be captured from mobile apps as well, providing a comprehensive view of the online competitive environment.

The company’s data aggregating engine is built to operate across complex Web environments, capable of acquiring data from diverse industry verticals and online platforms.

Key Differentiators

Data Scale and accuracy: Our system aggregates data with very high accuracy and at a massive scale across diverse web environments, including mobile apps. We can also deliver information by ZIP codes and across 25+ international languages.

Industry-leading product match rates: We match products at a guaranteed 95% accuracy. We also typically have 25-30% higher coverage of matches than other providers in the market.

Flexible engagement options and customization: Our solution is not just off-the-shelf, but we’re open to flexible engagements with our customers to cater to their specific needs.

High-quality customer engagement and support: Customer success and business analytics teams of domain experts will help you analyze and act on the insights presented to you, to help you realize business value. We also offer 24x7 customer support.

Data Privacy

DataWeave captures only publicly accessible information from the Web. The company does not track or collect any personal or personalized information.

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