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Best Ecommerce Product Datasets, Databases & APIs

What is Ecommerce Product Data?

Ecommerce product data is used by retail websites for product analytics and online shopping insights. Ecommerce datasets and APIs are used for ecommerce product and pricing analysis. Use Datarade's ecommerce data providers to buy and sample online market pricing intelligence.Learn more

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Bright Data | E-commerce Data - Global Coverage - Trending Products, Consumer Sentiment, Inventory-level Product Data

by Bright Data
) Industry advertisement and consumer targeting data Product data, for example which product details ... Bright Data has developed a unique eCommerce data collector that allows you to maximize results through
Available for 245 countries
97% Success rate in real-time
Available Pricing:
One-off purchase
Monthly License
Yearly License
Free sample preview
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eCommerce Product Sales Volume Data

by Luz
The coverage is across over 25,000 eCommerce sites. The data is sourced through daily web scraping. ... Luz provides product sales volume data of each SKU of each online retail site in the coverage.
Available for 5 countries
9 months of historical data
Pricing available upon request
Free sample available

Brand Protection - Ecommerce Product Data

by Wersel Brand Analytics
The imposters use your data and brand elements to steal valuable data and money from your loyal customers
Available for 63 countries
100 Brands
6 years of historical data
100% QA accuracy
Available Pricing:
One-off purchase
Monthly License
Yearly License

Scrape eBay Ecommerce Product Reviews & Ratings Data - Scrape eBay Python - Extract eBay product reviews data

by X-Byte
Data: Product Pricing Data, Reviews Number, Brand, Category, Reviewer Data, Product Reviews & Rating ... , Fashion, Household Products, Food, Pets, Electronics, Beverages Major Markets: UK, US, Australia Product
Available for 249 countries
Pricing available upon request
Free sample available
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eBay Ecommerce Product Ratings & Reviews Data

by Unwrangle
Get page meta data like product price information, rating distribution, etc. ... Filter results by number of reviews, date Review data includes meta data about customers such as avatar
Available for 6 countries
5K reviews per request
10 years of historical data
99% Accuracy
Starts at
$99 / 100k credits

DataWeave: Brand Protection - Ecommerce Product Data

by DataWeave
Spot fake and white-labeled products being sold on eCommerce websites. ... Monitor and minimize MAP violations across your product portfolio.
Available for 13 countries
Available Pricing:
Yearly License

Chain of Demand: Detailed e-commerce product data (US, EU, UAE and Asia markets)

by Chain of Demand
We custom build crawlers to mine detailed product data from e-commerce sites and m-Commerce apps. ... Our proprietary machine-learning system pulls granular product data that can be sliced to gain insights
Available for 2 countries
30K records
2 years of historical data
Pricing available upon request
Free sample available

Allfactor Global E-commerce Product Pricing Data - Millions of Product Listings

by Allfactor
of product listings data. ... Global E-commerce Product Database The most comprehensive e-commerce product database collects millions
Available for 12 countries
5B records
Available Pricing:
One-off purchase
Monthly License
Yearly License

Amazon Product Datasets | Grepsr

by Grepsr
Extract detailed product information — title, URL, description, pricing, rating, image URLs and more ... collection issues due to Amazon’s website changes & crawler blocks Collect even more product information
Available for 240 countries
99% match rate
Pricing available upon request
Free sample available

Sovrn Commerce Purchase Intent Feed

by Sovrn
Sovrn Commerce data is obtained from our Commerce product that automates affiliate marketing for publishers ... Proprietary purchase intent data collected via our //Commerce link monetization tool give you insight
Available for 27 countries
100M Shoppers per day
1 months of historical data
Starts at
$25,000 / month
Free sample available
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Bright Data
Based in USA
Bright Data
Bright Data is a leading data collection platform, which enables our customers to collect data sets from millions of websites through our proprietary technol...
+72M IPs
Around the world
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Response time - DataWeave profile banner
Based in Singapore
DataWeave is an AI-powered SaaS platform that provides Competitive Intelligence as a Service to consumer brands and eCommerce businesses, enabling them to co...
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Wersel Brand Analytics
Based in United Kingdom
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Wersel Data-Hub is a powerful brand collaborative and analytics platform. It can access brands scattered data from every channel, collect and normalize it. T...
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Powerful Hosted Search - Luz profile banner
Based in USA
Luz collects information from over 130,000 unique sites across 290 million products. Some of the industries include: Apparel & Fashion Jewelry Home Go...
price - Unwrangle profile banner
Based in India
Scrape online reviews without worrying about crawlers, headless browsers, proxies or CAPTCHAS. Focus on your main business and use our REST api.
Records per request
Schema - X-Byte profile banner
Based in USA
World’s Leading Web Scraping Services Provider USA, UK, Europe, Australia, Germany, Canada, Denmark We Offer Best Python based Web Data Extraction, Mobile ap...

The Ultimate Guide to Ecommerce Product Data 2022

Learn about ecommerce product data analytics, sources, and collection.

What is Ecommerce Product Data?

As a disruptive technology, ecommerce platforms have assisted businesses to institute a bigger market presence by offering cheaper and more efficient distribution channels for their products or services. Ecommerce is a whole new business paradigm that allows ecommerce firms and individuals to conduct businesses over the internet by use of computers, tablets, or smartphones. Therefore, as this business model continues to gain more traction, it is also becoming extremely important for there to be a catalog of data of products that are listed on ecommerce platforms. Ecommerce product data highlights information about products that are eligible to be listed on these platforms, what characterizes them and what are their shipping capabilities.

How is Ecommerce Product Data collected?

Ecommerce product data is collected by ecommerce databases available online. Businesses that have embraced all the aspects of ecommerce generally operate by proprietary or host websites. In these websites, ecommerce uses third party providers to help amass information about products and using the information to enhance and manipulate customer user experience on their online platforms. Information collected may include customer feedback on their user experience, the most in-demand products, data analytics that helps identify which products are trending, and how the business can use this information to drive more sales.

What are the attributes of Ecommerce Product Data?

As an ecommerce data entry component, creating an attribute of products is an important undertaking for any ecommerce business. Ecommerce product data is attributed by information on details about the product that complete a product listing on the platform. Some of these attribute product details include titles of the products listed, description, availability, shipping information, sizes, and cost, in addition to other specifications that may be subject to more technical handling.

What are the uses of Ecommerce Product Data?

Ecommerce product data is the backbone of ecommerce business through which online business platforms establish a to display their products online for customer access. Through third-party API systems, ecommerce businesses use ecommerce product data to enhance their data entry capabilities on their online platforms through the proper display of products. Ecommerce product data also helps online businesses to enhance user experience in their online shopping through improved search optimization that ensures customers get what they are looking for on the go and keeping online shoppers in the loop of what is available for shopping. Branding factors of ecommerce products is another insight that can be derived from product data that could help draw potential customer’s attention hence driving sales and generating massive revenues for the online-based store.

How can a user assess the quality of Ecommerce Product Data?

When evaluating the quality of ecommerce product data, users of this information should ascertain that the information is complete. In addition to other factors such as time and accuracy, the level of completion of ecommerce product data is by far the most critical component of quality because when designing online catalogs, businesses have to give exhaustive information about the product especially since online shopping does not involve physically visiting the store where a potential client can seek clarification from the store attendant. It is therefore important that any product dataset provides a complete set of information, leaving no room for any negligible degree of doubt for online shoppers.

Where can I buy Ecommerce Product Data?

Data providers and vendors listed on Datarade sell Ecommerce Product Data products and samples. Popular Ecommerce Product Data products and datasets available on our platform are Bright Data | E-commerce Data - Global Coverage - Trending Products, Consumer Sentiment, Inventory-level Product Data by Bright Data, eCommerce Product Sales Volume Data by Luz, and Brand Protection - Ecommerce Product Data by Wersel Brand Analytics.

How can I get Ecommerce Product Data?

You can get Ecommerce Product Data via a range of delivery methods - the right one for you depends on your use case. For example, historical Ecommerce Product Data is usually available to download in bulk and delivered using an S3 bucket. On the other hand, if your use case is time-critical, you can buy real-time Ecommerce Product Data APIs, feeds and streams to download the most up-to-date intelligence.

What are similar data types to Ecommerce Product Data?

Ecommerce Product Data is similar to Online Shopping Data, Digital Shelf Data, Ecommerce Sales Data, Ecommerce Customer Data, and Ecommerce Store Data. These data categories are commonly used for Demand Forecasting and Stock Selection.

What are the most common use cases for Ecommerce Product Data?

The top use cases for Ecommerce Product Data are Demand Forecasting, Stock Selection, and Market Intelligence.