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Our Data Partners
GBSN Research | Amazon Product Research | Amazon FBA 2 competitive products analysis icon
2 competitive products analysis
GBSN Research | Amazon Product Research | Amazon FBA 100% analysts validation icon
100% analysts validation
GBSN Research | Amazon Product Research | Amazon FBA 89 countries covered icon
89 countries covered
Amazon Product Research for online sellers and business models (FBA, Private Label, Dropshipping, Wholesale, FBM, Vendor, Retail and Online Arbitrage, Handma...
Alqami Vegan Food Product Data Global (2 years history, daily frequency) 128 countries covered icon
128 countries covered
A unique dataset that contains user reviews for vegan food products. These products are both for home consumption and restaurant dishes.
Wult Customer Reviews, Comments & Product Reviews Data from eCommerceWult - Globally available  240 countries covered icon
240 countries covered
Wult's consumer review data provides real-time reviews and comments in a structured way so you can do more with people's opinions.
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Based in Denmark
We provide companies with an advanced data collection and enrichment tool. We have a number of predefined and collected datasets or you can define you own ba... - Alqami profile banner
Based in United Kingdom
Alqami is a data intermediary, collaborating with a global partner network matching alternative data providers with data users. We specialise in sourcing... - Goldbaum profile banner
Based in Luxembourg
Our API feeds packages of 100% accurate, system-ready, and up-to-date datasets and analytics (e.g. fund, market, index, ESG and smart) for ETFs/ETPs/ETCs and...
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