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Demand forecasting refers to the process of estimating the market demand for a given product or a service. Companies use often sources of historical sales data along with market benchmarks to plan and prepare their inventories for optimal performance.
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85% Model Accuracy
48 countries covered
5 months of historical data
Mathematical model for the identification of best areas for the location of points of sale. This is based on measuring the influence of a set of variables at...
240 countries covered
41 years of historical data
Meteomatics accurate wind energy forecasts help operators and energy traders, maximize operational efficiency and gain competitive advantage in the energy tr...
10K records
240 countries covered
CustomWeather, in partnership with Solcast, now provides solar power forecasting and solar irradiance data, for both large-scale solar farms and small-scale ...
288 updates daily
249 countries covered
41 years of historical data
The Weather API delivers fast, direct, simple access to an extensive range of global weather and environmental data. It allows the integration of high qualit...
3 countries covered
12 months of historical data
Free sample dataset containing non-attended event data for a 1-year historical period for the Seattle, Washington area. Includes events in the Public Holiday...
40K products per months
99% consistency
South Africa covered
- Omnichannel panel of 2500 panelist (min.) across all geographic regions in South Africa - 19 standard attributes ranging from consumer, market/channel and... - SafeGraph profile banner
Based in USA
SafeGraph is a data company that builds datasets on the physical world for teams at ESRI, Microsoft, Sysco, and Goldman Sachs. Our high-precision Places data...
POI in US and CAN
Brands in US and CAN
Fill Rates - Meteomatics profile banner
Based in Switzerland
Meteomatics weather API delivers fast, direct, simple access to an extensive range of global weather and environmental data. A single API endpoint to acce... - Predik Data-driven profile banner
Predik Data-driven
Based in USA
Predik Data-driven
We are experts in the collection, extraction, management and analysis of large volumes of all types of data, from alternative and complex sources to traditio...
Updated & consistent
Latam, US, Asia Markets
Strict & precise controls - Research and Markets profile banner
Research and Markets
Based in Ireland
Research and Markets
30,000+ companies rely on Research and Markets for their market research
Based in New Zealand
PredictHQ is a data provider offering Event Data. They are headquartered in New Zealand. - Market Inside Data profile banner
Market Inside Data
Based in United Kingdom
Market Inside Data
Our Database Contains: • 220+ Countries’ Global Trade Data • 100+ Million Importer-Exporter Shipment Records • 60+ Million Import-Export Companies • 40+ ...
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