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Telecom data relates to information about users collected by their mobile operators. It's mostly used by insurance companies and marketers e.g. in fraud detection and consumer behavioral analysis. Datarade helps you find the right telecom data providers and datasets. Read the data guide ↓

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Data Finder

by Comlinkdata

Our data is updated daily and is precisely geolocated using a massive panel of smartphone and tablet users. ... Comlinkdata helps our clients with deep fundamental analysis of cable and telecom carriers and broadband industry trends.


Based on Telecom Data

Raw data


by Teragence

Raw dataset of individual measurements, covering handset type, network operator, technology, network KPI's and location and time stamps for further manipulation


Based on Location Data

by Teragence

Map data providing a view of the mobile technology coverage (2G,3G,4G) for every mobile operator in every location (50 x 50 metre hexbins)


Based on Telecom Data

by Teragence

Mobile network signal strength assessment by operator, technology and location ( 50 x 50 metre hexbins). This product can be adjusted to provide coverage assessment around specific locations or b...


Based on Telecom Data

by Teragence

The data can be used for location based services (to asses a location based on a cell-ID), network planning and real estate services


Based on Location Data

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Data Finder

P3 insight

P3 insight is a data provider offering Mobile Network Coverage and Telecom Data. They are headquartered in Germany.


United Kingdom
Location and time-specific mobile network performance data (signal strength, throughput, quality) across all mobile operators in Europe and North America


United States of America
Real-Time Market Data and Analysis for the Telecom Industry Using proprietary data methodologies, Comlinkdata can observe the behaviors of telecom consumers in real-time, to empower our clients ...


United Kingdom
Smartpipe is a data provider offering Demographic Data, Telecom Data, Location Data, Mobile App Usage Data, Stock Market Data, and Alternative Data. They are headquartered in United Kingdom.


United States of America
Pinsight is a data provider offering Mobile Audience Data, Demographic Data, Address Data, Research Data, and Telecom Data. They are headquartered in United States of America.


United Kingdom
Axonix is a data provider offering Location Data, Telecom Data, Identity Graph Data, and Mobile App Usage Data. They are headquartered in United Kingdom.


Teralytics is a data provider offering Location Data, Telecom Data, Traffic Data, Cell Tower Data, and Demographic Data. They are headquartered in Switzerland. Teralytics offers datasets in countri...

Ericsson Emodo

United States of America
Ericsson Emodo is a data provider offering Demographic Data, Location Data, and Telecom Data. They are headquartered in United States of America.


United Kingdom
OpenSignal is a data provider offering Mobile Network Coverage and Telecom Data. They are headquartered in United Kingdom.

The Ultimate Guide to Telecom Data 2020

Learn everything about Telecom Data. Understand data sources, popular use cases, and data quality.

What is Telecom Data?

Telecom data is growing at a rapid rate, all because of the deep penetration of mobile phones in our life.

Needless to say, each of these devices generate a large amount of data. Nevertheless, data has always been an integral part of the telecom industry. It is ingrained into its DNA – from the time you get a new connection to the time you put your phone down – telecom companies collect your data and derive crucial insights in a range of ways – mobile phone usage, mobile location, server logs, call detail records, network equipment, social networks, and various others.

Who uses Telecom Data and for what use cases?

Telecom data is reliably used both by telecommunication companies and other businesses to improve the quality of their services. The data thus obtained can be further enhanced and fed to machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence technologies to derive critical insights.

Even traditionally, telecom data has always played a greater role in marketing and sales departments. Let’s not forget the CRM systems which make use of telecom data to help you nurture your leads.
Let’s have a look at a few use cases of telecom data:

Threat detection
A subsidiary of NTT Group, Solutionary, is using telecom data to offer managed security services consisting of Vulnerability Management, Threat Intelligence and the like. The company extracts the key hidden details by analyzing and correlating vast amounts of data from network devices, endpoints, firewalls, logs, and the like.

Improved services
Telecom companies use telecom data to better their services and to outperform their competitors. They gather the data related to dropped calls, bandwidth issues, poor download times, and the like to optimize their services with proper capacity planning, equipment monitoring, and preventive maintenance.

Customer 360
Telecom data can also be used to discover hidden details about the customers – their demographic data, sentiment analysis of social media, calling circle data, browsing behavior data, historical data and more.
Demographic data can be used to target region-specific users while browsing behavior data can be used to target ads on social media platforms. Not only this, but telecom data can also help companies in predicting the user behaviors and preferences, thus helping businesses align their business strategy accordingly.

What are typical Telecom Data attributes?

Telecom data could have a range of attributes like:

  • Roaming
  • User demographic data
  • Customer call logs
  • Internet browsing history
  • Sentiment analysis of social media
  • Call history
  • Texting pattern

…essentially almost anything that can be traced back to the devices using a connection provided by a network operator.

How is Telecom Data collected?

Depending on the kind of data collected, telecom data is extracted from different sources. Call records, for instance, are collected each time a call is made. Similarly, carrier data, network data, and routing information are collected through databases. LERG database, for instance, can be purchased from Telcordia and contains information on all telephone switches in North America and the phone numbers that they cover.

How to assess the quality of Telecom Data?

As with any data type, care should be taken that the telecom data that you are buying is accurate and reliable. It must come from a reputable source and should be fresh. Essentially, it must be in line with the recent GDPR requirements and should be available in a format that could be used by you and your tools.

To be on the safer side, we will highly recommend you have a deeper insight at the raw data collection methods used by your data vendor. You might also like to use sample sets provided by your data provider to check the data in its intended environment.

How Telecom Data is typically priced?

The pricing of telecom data depends on the quality of telecom data, and it also varied from telecom data provider to provider. Common pricing models we see are:

  • Monthly subscriptions - give you access to freshly updated API’s
  • One time payments for large batches that enable you to access historical data for making future predictions.
  • Many providers are willing to also create custom quotes for more challenging use cases.

The number #1 challenge with Telecom Data?

GDPR concerns
Since telecom data majorly revolves around user data, the recent introduction of GDPR in Europe has made the accumulation of telecom data more difficult.. According to the law, you cannot collect the data pertaining to a user without their consent.

What to ask Telecom Data providers?

Here are a few questions that you may want to ask telecom data providers before finalizing the deal:

  • How do you extract the telecom data?
  • Is your data in line with the recent data laws?
  • How do you ensure data freshness?

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