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We are the future of Big Data Technology

BIGDBM delivers seamless identity connection that provides marketers with the ability to engage consumers on the right device, at the right moment, with the right message. Using one of the largest and most secure proprietary data warehouses in the world, our validated identity resolution graph creates a complete and accurate individual or household profile. BIGDBM provides software development on top of highly accurate Big Data for a competitive advantage. BIGDBM produces meaningful and differentiated people-based communication for consumer and B2B marketing.

BIGDBM Services:

• Software Development on top of Big Data
• Highly accurate Big Data​: B2B linked to Consumer, Automobile, Email, Mobile, Consumer, and numerous other categories
• Identity Resolution
• Data Market, self-service platform apps: List Select, eRV (Email Recency Validation), Append, Reverse Append
• Behavioral Insights & Analytics
• Online/Offline Intender Data

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Data Offering

Car Ownership DataAddress DataDemographic DataIn-market Audience DataIdentity Graph DataConsumer Behavior DataAutomotive DataPsychographic Data


BIGDBM has not published pricing information for their data services. This is common practice for data vendors and providers. Contact BIGDBM to obtain current pricing.

Use Cases

1. Major International Advertising Agency – emails Issue
Needed hundreds of millions of recently seen emails deterministically connect to highly accurate PII for internal matching purposes.
Add emails to their internal BIGDATA Teams and use emails for matching disparate data files.
Advertising Agency contracted with BIGDBM to supply over 500 million emails<>PII throughout the year. This is the second year of the contract.
The BIGDBM Team emails outperformed numerous email vendors and yielded the lowest error rates than all other suppliers.

2. Large Data Aggregator – Mobile Ad IDS (MAIDs) Issue
Needed Highly accurate pairs of MAIDs<>PII<>Geography.
Increase the volume of MAIDs that match Truth set of data.
BIGDBM worked with Data Company for 8-months to develop highly accurate MAIDS<>PII<>Geography.
The data company was able to double their inventory of MAIDs connected to their internal Truth set of data.

3. Large Data Technology Company – Consumer Automobile Issue
Needed Highly accurate Consumer Data matched to accurate automobile data.
Increase quality of Automobile data connected to the correct consumer individuals and households.
BIGDBM created a Confidence Index system to score all records based on their quality of PII for consumer records, and quality of automobile record based on numerous factors including using the VIN Decoder.
The Technology Company now offers Consumer Automobile data for sale based on both quality and quantity depending on the use case. Sales are up 50%.

4. Large Data Marketing Platform (DMP) and Marketing company– Intender Data Issue
Need to precisely target specific audiences currently in the market to purchase automobiles.
Conduct successful email marketing campaign targeting consumers currently interested in purchasing an automobile.
Using proprietary algorithms, BIGDBM combined highly accurate online intender data tied to individuals in our Consumer file to identify the target audience. The data, combined with insights from our eRV application, super-charged the campaign execution.
The client received a 98.76% delivery success rate and only saw 0.117% hard bounces. Since the campaign, the company was able to deliver a high sales conversion rate and engagement rate for their client. The company reports that the results of the campaign are some of the best they have ever seen.

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