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Consumer Marketing Data | Direct Marketing Data | Consumer Data - 200M+ Consumer Records

by Blue Mail Media
Blue Mail Media’s targeted Consumer Marketing Data can be the single stop solution for your marketing ... Our customized and Opt-in Consumer Marketing Data will help you to reap maximum ROI.
Available for 1 countries
200 Million Verified Records
1 years of historical data
90% Accuracy
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5% Datarade discount
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Consumer Marketing Data - Australian Personalised Data

by sferro
We have over 30 years of history in consumer data and transnational records, we have one of the best ... We have over 30 years of history in consumer data and transnational records, we have the best databases
Available for 1 countries
14.9M people
5 years of historical data
90% match rate
Pricing available upon request
10% Datarade discount
Free sample available
30% revenue share

Total Consumer Insights - U.S. Only

by Infutor Data Solutions
Use Cases - Outbound: Increase Marketing Reach - Outbound: Improve Loyalty, Retention, and Upsell ... Total Consumer Insights is the most comprehensive collection of U.S. consumer shopper data available.
Available for 1 countries
266M Records
10 years of historical data
Starts at
$15,000 / month
Free sample available - Blue Mail Media profile banner
Blue Mail Media
Based in USA
Blue Mail Media
Blue Mail Media's customized data marketing solutions will help businesses to thrive good results and achieve better ROI of marketing campaigns.
10 Yrs
Clients Served
Business Records - MedicoReach profile banner
Based in USA
MedicoReach is a leading provider of healthcare database solutions since 2014. It is known to deliver profoundly responsive, precise, and customized records ...
8+ Million
Healthcare Records
Compliant - FrescoData profile banner
Based in USA
FrescoData is a full-service data and marketing agency. It is a primary source of consumer and business data, identity data and analytics, and offers end-to-...
B2B Contacts
People Data Attributes - X-Byte profile banner
Based in USA
World’s Leading Web Scraping Services Provider USA, UK, Europe, Australia, Germany, Canada, Denmark We Offer Best Python based Web Data Extraction, Mobile ap... - Every Market Media profile banner
Every Market Media
Based in USA
Every Market Media
Every Market Media is an email centric marketing data compiler and data services consultant that helps customers solve data problems using vertical expertise...
Unique B2B Emails
Verification Every 120 Days
Deliverable Opt-in B2C Emails - profile banner
Based in USA
We provide 165 world countries data with millions of data leads that help you to achieve your business and marketing goals. Hundreds of companies use it a...
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Customizable to fit your needs

The Ultimate Guide to Consumer Marketing Data 2021

Learn about consumer marketing data analytics, sources, and collection.

What is consumer marketing data?

Consumer marketing data is any data which can be used by B2C marketers to improve their marketing campaigns. Whereas general consumer data can be used by advertisers, sales teams, managers and designers, consumer marketing data is specifically collected to be used by a business’ marketing teams. It allows marketers to get the clearest picture of the consumers they’re targeting: who they are, what they do, and how to contact them. Consumer marketing data means marketers can market their products and services effectively and drive up conversion.

How is consumer marketing data collected?

The collection method used to collect consumer marketing data varies depending on the kind of information (data ‘attribute’) being gathered. For example, a consumer marketing dataset about consumer purchase history is collected using historical consumer transaction information, gathered from receipts, e-receipts and SKU reports. In contrast, a consumer contact enrichment dataset includes email addresses and mobile phone numbers for consumers. These are collected on an opt-in basis whenever a consumer registers with a website or app. Web scraping tools collect consumer contact data from sites, ranging from social media to ecommerce platforms.

How do market research analysts gather consumer data?

Market research analysts study market dynamics so they can make forecasts about future sales of a product or service. Data research analysts use the following methodologies:

  • Asking consumers for data: Businesses may receive an IP address from other devices that access their website resources. They use this information to create a customized profile of the customer and to deliver appropriate ads.
  • Analyzing customer behavior: Data research analysts track customer behavior by monitoring their behavior on the company’s website and on the social media sites for consumer marketing data analysis.
  • Buying data from consumer marketing data vendors: Data research analysts may also purchase commerical consumer marketing datasets from a consumer marketing data vendor on a data marketplace’s like Datarade’s. Any of these documents include driving logs, improvements to address records, or census data.

What is influencer consumer marketing data?

Influencer consumer marketing data is a category of social media marketing data that has been derived from outlets that use endorsements and product references from influencers. Influencers are individuals that have a strong social media presence and are regarded as experts within their niche. Influencer consumer marketing works because of the high degree of confidence that social influencers have built up amongst their followers, and their suggestions act as a form of social evidence to future consumers of your brand. Creating an influencer marketing campaign requires deliberate targeting and preparation. You’re not going to achieve strategic success either by giving free stuff to everyone who asks, or to your current friends and associates - getting the right influencer marketing data is vital!

What is B2C consumer marketing data?

B2C marketing data, also known as ‘Business to Consumer’ marketing data, is the data derived from a collection of policies, activities and techniques that an organization uses to drive its goods or services to its consumers. B2C strategies rely not only on the profit or significance that the product provides, but also on invoking an emotional reaction from the buyer to gain insight for consumer marketing data analysis. Many businesses that market directly to customers are referred to as B2C companies. You can view historical consumer marketing data online, as well as buy consumer marketing data from a consumer marketing data supplier on the data market. You can get historical consumer marketing data online, and also purchase consumer marketing data through a consumer marketing data vendor in a data marketplace like Datarade.

What is a CDP?

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) is a set of applications that generates a permanent, centralized customer database that is open to other programs. Data is collected from different channels, cleaned and compiled to create a single consumer profile that can be added to a commercial dataset. These organized data points are then made available to other marketing programs. According to Gartner, client data systems have grown from a number of established markets. A Consumer Data Platform has the ability to revolutionize your business by ingesting data from any of your marketing channels, unifying it to create a common source of reality for customer data, and then using the knowledge to fuel marketing strategies for improved prediction, targeting and personalization.

What is a consumer data broker?

Consumer data brokers are organizations who obtain data from other companies on the market (such as a credit card company), scan the internet for valuable knowledge about customers, then aggregate the information with data from other outlets (e.g. offline sources). Data brokers collect information from a number of online and offline commercial market dataset outlets. Examples of such sources include: social media, web history, online and offline transaction history and warranties information, credit card information, government documents (driver’s license and motor vehicle reports, census reports, birth certificates, marriage certificates, voter registry information, etc.). Companies obtain and purchase this data to compile commercial datasets.

What are the attributes of consumer marketing data?

As we’ve seen, consumer marketing data can vary a lot in terms of its format, and the information it provides. Here are the most common attributes of a consumer marketing dataset:
Demographic information - This can include consumer age, gender, income, affluence level.
Geographic information - Data about where the consumer lives or works.
Location behavior - This is slightly different to ‘geographic’. Location-based consumer marketing data will tell you about the places a consumer visits regularly, POIs in their area, and the time they spend in a given location.
Purchase behavior - This tells marketers about the products consumers have bought in the past, where they bought them from, and how they payed. It can also include insights into brand affinity and basket composition.

What are the use cases for consumer marketing data?

Consumer marketing data can be used to enhance almost any B2C marketing strategy. Consumer marketing data use cases include:
Lead generation - Consumer marketing datasets can include contact information for millions of potential customers. Marketers can generate and nurture leads by contacing consumers via the best channels, whether that’s cold outreach phone calls, or programmatic emails sent to their home and work accounts.
Building a demographic persona - Marketers can calculate a consumer’s readiness to buy based on their demographic profile. Factors like age, income, and gender all influence consumer purhcase intent, so marketers build demographic personas and create audience segments to ensure they’re targeting the individuals with the highest buyer propensity.
Brand affinity analytics - Before marketing a product or service, marketers must have a thorough understadning of their competition. This includes analyzing which brands are popular amongst consumers to work out how loyal consumers are to a particular brand and estimate risk. Similarly, by identifying the pain points often encountered with the brand, marketers can ensure that they provide a superior product and customer service and win sales from competitors.

How to assess consumer marketing data quality?

The best consumer marketing data providers will have certifications to show that their data is high-quality and privacy-compliant. Certifications from organizations like Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) mean that the consumer-marketing data is independently-verified, and so more likely to be trustworthy. Consumer marketing data providers should also be able to tell you which verification procedures they carry out to ensure data accuracy, such as filtering processes and internal technology audits. Before buying consumer marketing data, always check the data provider’s reviews. Lastly, ask for a data sample before you buy from a provider to ensure that their consumer marketing data is of the quality your business needs.

Can I buy a consumer marketing mailing list?

Yes, as part of a commercial dataset. A consumer marketing mailing list is a set of email addresses used by an individual or an agency to deliver marketing material to several recipients. You should purchase consumer marketing data from a consumer marketing data vendors using Datarade’s data marketplace to get an outreach advantage in the market you’re joining. The cost of consumer marketing mailing lists varies depending on the region you’re targetting and the volume of addresses you need. Before buying customer marketing mailing lists, you need to consider few things like asking the right questions about the data’s coverage, buying the volume of data you need, considering the data acquisition methods, and asking for a data sample.

How does consumer data help marketers?

Consumer data helps marketers in several aspects. Primarily, commerical consumer datasets provide marketers with carefully analyzed data to back up their marketing campaigns. This customer marketing data research lets advertisers get a much clearer sense of whether and where to submit marketing messages. This timeliness and consistency increases the possibility of striking an emotional chord with the consumer and promotes constructive interaction. Commercial consumer marketing datasets comprise of a range of historical consumer marketing data and often help to refine various communication platforms that help identify the platform works better and the message evokes the desired user conduct. You may also define which content format works well at any given time on an e-mail, social media, or blog post.

Who are the best Consumer Marketing Data providers?

Finding the right Consumer Marketing Data provider for you really depends on your unique use case and data requirements, including budget and geographical coverage. Popular Consumer Marketing Data providers that you might want to buy Consumer Marketing Data from are Blue Mail Media, MedicoReach, FrescoData, X-Byte, and Every Market Media.

Where can I buy Consumer Marketing Data?

Data providers and vendors listed on Datarade sell Consumer Marketing Data products and samples. Popular Consumer Marketing Data products and datasets available on our platform are Consumer Marketing Data | Direct Marketing Data | Consumer Data - 200M+ Consumer Records by Blue Mail Media, FrescoData Email Marketing - Consumer B2C Data⎢10K+ Audience Attributes by FrescoData, and ChannelIQ by AnalyticsIQ - Consumer Marketing Data USA - 241M Individuals by AnalyticsIQ.

How can I get Consumer Marketing Data?

You can get Consumer Marketing Data via a range of delivery methods - the right one for you depends on your use case. For example, historical Consumer Marketing Data is usually available to download in bulk and delivered using an S3 bucket. On the other hand, if your use case is time-critical, you can buy real-time Consumer Marketing Data APIs, feeds and streams to download the most up-to-date intelligence.

What are similar data types to Consumer Marketing Data?

Consumer Marketing Data is similar to Healthcare Marketing Data, Direct Marketing Data, Student Marketing Data, B2C Contact Data, and Advertising Data. These data categories are commonly used for Marketing and Audience Targeting.

What are the most common use cases for Consumer Marketing Data?

The top use cases for Consumer Marketing Data are Marketing, Audience Targeting, and Audience Insights.

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