Top 10 Identity & Device Graph Data Providers In the US

July 08, 2020
Data Expert Lucy
Lucy Kelly Research Analyst at Datarade
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Over 70% of US brands are using omnichannel marketing strategies in 2020.

The approaches are becoming more complex and data-driven. Advertising is set to offer a complete user experience across all channels. For this, brands need to be able to identify their customers regardless where they come from.

However, data on consumer identity can grow old quickly. Companies find up to 30% of their CRM data is outdated within 12 months after acquiring it. Furthermore, with every linked device, the maintenance of an identity gets more challenging.

So, how are companies able to keep their identity graphs up to date? How do brands minimise fraud risk and fuel their omnichannel marketing actives with pin-point accuracy?

Data providers are set to bring solutions that change this. They supply identity data that is updated in near real-time. These companies enable data-activation and omnichannel strategies for marketers across industries.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 most popular identity graph data providers in the US.

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The Top 10 Identity & Device Graph Data Providers In the US

BDEXis a data exchange platform providing instant access to critical consumer insights. Covering 800M+ MD5 pairs and 13B+ email hashes the company enables marketers to enrich and build custom device graphs in real time.

Infutor is the expert in consumer identity management. With over 260M individuals covered in the US, the company’s identity graph has a 100% focus in enabling brands to improve their marketing reach and minimise fraud and collection risks.

With their 30+ years heritage in data and technology, Merkle, is one of the leading data companies that specialise in personalised customer experiences across platforms and devices. Reaching over 242M adults in the US the company enables media owners, and publishers to build and control their own cookie-less private identity graphs.

By tapping in to over 225M US customer profiles, MediaWallah multiplies the true potential within marketing ecosystems. Run by data scientists and marketing technologists from 2013, the company enables seamless data activation across DMPs, DSPs and SSPs.

TowerData is among the leading data providers offering insights on consumer identities. The company’s proprietary datasets on more than 1 billion unique customer records enable brands to build complete and static pictures of their customers across channels and platforms.

Throtle’s Truth Set is a one of a kind cross-device ID graph that offers daily updates on consumers with individual level curated data. Covering over 250M individuals across 130M+ households the company’s device graph helps brands cut costs from marketing to fraud detection.

BIGDBM owns one of the largest proprietary ID databases in the world. Covering over 1 billion data points the company connects millions of users and enables individual based marketing strategies across industries. Agencies, media owners, and publishers across the world use BIGDBM’s identity solutions to power their digital strategies.

TrueData works between the publishers, agencies, brands, and ad tech companies in order to empower an ecosystem where data drives better customer engagement and higher revenue. With 200M+ users mapped over 7,000 targetable segments the company has helped over 250 household brands to leverage their own customer datasets.

Datastream Group is one of the leading sources of real time consumer data. With over 330 million device ID’s and 340 million op-in email addresses, the company’s ID dataset enables brands with multi channel one-to-one marketing in the new era of advertising.

Digicenter is a Boston based data company that delivers consumer first solutions for the modern advertising market. The company’s identity and device graph enables brands, agencies and their partners to deliver valuable marketing communication across channels, platforms, and devices.