10 Best Data Providers for Programmatic Advertising

September 01, 2020
Data Expert Lucy
Lucy Kelly Research Analyst at Datarade
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In 2018, over 80% digital display marketing was carried out via programmatic advertising.

Over the past 5 years, programmatic ads have become a major avenue of acquisition and branding for both B2B and B2C companies. Programmatic buying and real-time bidding (RTB) offer unrivaled capabilities. They’ve transformed the digital advertising network - no more lengthy negotiations between advertiser and supplier, as DSPs and SSPs interact in real-time to serve new ads within seconds.

However, scalable access to accurate audience data remains the backbone of the whole programmatic ecosystem. And acquiring this data is an issue faced by many professional advertisers.

So, where do the top performing marketers turn to when planning their omnichannel and segmentation strategies? How do they captivate their clients with personalized ad campaigns? How are they able to reach customers across display, mobile and other programmatic channels?

APIs and datasets from consumer data providers allow advertisers to roll out the most personalized, context-aware programmatic campaigns.

We’ve listed the 10 best data providers for data-driven programmatic advertising. They offer custom audience insights, identity graphs and location-based analytics - global targeting using high-quality, 100% privacy-compliant data.

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The 10 Best Data Providers for Programmatic Advertising

Datonics was the first company to deliver third-party audience data to programmatic platforms. They collect user keyword input from apps and websites, and then use this data to group customers according to interest, intent, life stage, behavioral & B2B segments. Datonics’ audience segments are especially productive for retargeting via programmatic advertising campaigns, and capturing users via highly-tailored communication.

AnalyticsIQ offers audience interest data via the company’s comprehensive consumer database, PeopleCore. The company analyzes consumer psychological drivers and purchase predictors across media channels, which enables advertisers invest as efficiently as possible in a programmatic campaign which targets high-intent users.

StartApp is a data provider specializing in mobile audience data, offering a database collected from over 850,000 anonymized devices.
StartApp’s data makes targeting via programmatic advertising campaigns as accurate as possible by creating segments according to user intent and mobile app usage.

Tapad is an identity graph data provider. The company’s data makes the media buying industry more efficient and audience-specific. For programmatic advertising, Tapad’s data reduces cost-per-acquisition rates and allows for cross-channel reach.

Lotame provides third-party data which allows businesses to acquire new customers via programmatic campaigns. Lotame’s behavioral targeting solutions are fueled by machine learning, and allow advertisers to serve tailored ads based on a target’s online preferences.

LiveRamp is a data provider offering the largest deterministic identity graph on the open internet. For programmatic advertising, LiveRamp’s identity graph enables lookalike modelling and omnichannel outreach thanks to its cross-device resolution system.

comScore Inc. is a data provider offering third-party solutions to optimize ad campaigns. For programmatic advertisers, comScore Inc.’s data can be used to increase ROI by delivering timely, context-aware ads to audiences with high purchase intent.

PushSpring is a Digital Advertising Alliance-approved data provider which specializes in mobile audience data. PushSpring’s data enables advertisers to track the reach and lift of programmatic advertising campaigns across mobile devices. PushSpring offers over 250 user ‘personas’ which can be instantly implemented.

OnAudience offers programmatic advertising capabilities using an audience database of over 27 billion anonymous profiles. OnAudience is integrated with major DSPs such as AdForm, meaning OnAudience’s segments ensure custom ads are delivered at exactly the right time.

PlaceIQ is a data provider offering location-based solutions. Ads are served programmatically based on the places consumers visit in the physical world. PlaceIQ’s audiences are generated using 100% anonymized location data collected from over 200 million devices.