Who's New on Datarade?

May 04, 2021
Data Expert Lucy
Lucy Kelly Research Analyst at Datarade
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Datarade is the world’s largest and most easy-to-use data marketplace. We’re constantly adding new data providers so that you can sample, compare and buy the right data, whatever your industry or use case. Our growing network of 490+ providers is international and covers hundreds of different data categories.

New providers from across the world joined Datarade recently, selling data types from cryptocurrency to geospatial.

You can get data samples and quotes from all our new data providers by reaching out to them securely and effortlessly via Datarade.

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The Who's New on Datarade?

HG Insights is the global leader in technology intelligence. Every day, HG Insights uses advanced data science methodologies to process billions of unstructured digital documents to produce the world’s best technology installation information, IT spend, and contract intelligence.

Mapping Resources provides business intelligence data and mapping software tools for data visualization. Mapping Resources is the expert in geodemographic data and location-based mapping in the US and Canada.

HSAT is a satellite imagery data provider offering Agricultural Data, Construction Project Leads Data, and Trading Data. HSAT’s datasets give users intelligence into the sugar-growing industry.

Kaiko is a market data provider with over five years of historical data, allowing them to provide the most extensive digital asset datasets in the blockchain-based digital assets space. Kaiko provides institutional investors and market participants with enterprise-grade data infrastructure. Kaiko’s raw trade data, order books, and aggregates cover 20,000+ currency pairs across 85+ exchanges, with new markets added every day.

Acxiom is a customer intelligence company. Acxiom’s data-driven solutions enable the world’s best marketers to understand their clients, create tailored experiences, and increase business growth. A leader in customer data management, identity, and the ethical use of data for more than 50 years, Acxiom supplies geospatial, B2B, and audience data to thousands of clients and partners to create millions of better customer experiences.

The Data Appeal Company provides alternative data. The company collects, monitors and interprets a unique combination of geolocation data, online feedback, purchasing behaviours and industry trends. The Data Appeal Company covers any point of interest, brand or territory around the world, through the analysis of over 100 data sources.

Reomnify provides detailed and accurate urban points-of-interest drawn from hundreds of trusted data sources. Reomnify’s data coverage now includes Australia and Singapore, with subsets available for Japan, India, the UK, Malaysia, with many more geographical regions to follow.

505 Economics aims to make academic economics accessible. They offer granular and hyper-local GDP data from diverse sources, including satellite imagery and machine learning techniques. The 505 Economics team blends together experience in data science, artificial intelligence, econometrics and statistics.

inMarket is a leading provider of digital advertising and predictive location solutions in the US. inMarket helps brands sense and respond to consumer needs in real-time. Since 2010, inMarket has helped thousands of brands leverage SDK-derived, opt-in consumer data to better understand who consumers are, why they make decisions and how best to reach them.

Yacodata provides and analyzes stock market data. Yacodata builds custom stock market APIs and machine learning trading models based for its clients, so that clients can build a powerful decision-making process.

Geolytica is a geo data company founded in 2005 providing geoparsing, geocoding and location data services. Geolytica’s POI datasets cover China, Canada, and the US.

RootMetrics is an independent mobile network research firm that specializes in providing unbiased mobile network performance information and mapping. They scientifically test mobile networks to understand how consumers experience their mobile phone service in real-world situations, from making phone calls, uploading and downloading files from the internet, browsing the web and using apps, downloading email, and sending and receiving text messages.

Intellizence is an award-winning AI startup focused on company and industry data. Intellizence’s data helps users identify business opportunities and risks with timely and relevant intelligence about their business ecosystem, with insights covering customers, competitors, partners, suppliers & regulators.

Getchee is a data services and solutions provider with insights covering the retail and shopping landscape in China and South Korea. The use GIS technology to help retail and bank brands thrive throughout emerging markets in Asia.

Olsen Financial Technologies is the provider of one of the world’s largest databases of tick-by-tick prices. Olsen Data provides clients with high-quality, filtered, financial data, including high-frequency data for FX, futures, interest rates and other markets.

Capital Intelligence Ratings (CI Ratings) has been providing credit analysis and ratings since 1982, and currently rates over 300 banks, corporates, financial instruments (bonds & sukuk) and sovereigns. The company’s data covers 29 countries, and spans the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, central and south eastern Europe and the Asia / Pacific region.

Pi Financial Services Intelligence is a data provider offering insurance company data for China, with 5+ years of historical coverage.

Unwrangle provides customer review data form any platform on the web, and is releasing 2-3 new platforms every week. Unwrangle makes review monitoring manageable and helps companies harness the potential of this valuable but hard to extract dataset.

Datacie is an AI company that specializes in extracting precise data points from unstructured data sources, crafting unique, actionable, and fully customized datasets from the world’s most trusted content sources. Datacie delivers traditional & alternative data products across all industries with the clear goal of empowering empirical research and data-driven decision-making.

FirstRate Data LLC is focused on providing traders and analysts with high-resolution historical stock market datasets for modelling and backtesting. The company’s focus is solely on high-resolution historical datasets. All data is tested to ensure its suitability to trading simulations and market analysis.

Storm Glass’s Global Weather API provides high-resolution weather forecasts and historical data for Maritime, Green Energy and Agricultural applications.

Ziggma provides an institutional-grade, quantitative equities investing solution, driven by algorithm-enabled data analytics. The company’s proprietary methodology comprises unbiased, granular fundamental analysis on thousands of stocks and millions of data points, powered by cutting-edge data processing technology.

3AI is founded by a UK leading financial data science team.
The company’s award-winning machine learning has discovered new financial knowledge and guided the investment allocation of billions.​ 3AI’s forecast data provides global equity alpha intelligence using ML & big data, covering over 20k global liquid stocks.

LeadsIntel provides human-amplified B2B intent data. The company offers over 46 million direct dials for 29 countries including the US, China, and Australia, enabling businesses to increase their marketing ROI.

Cognistream provides intelligence into user’s in-app behavior, such as app session, install and usage data. Cognistream provides raw data with 4 months of historical lookback.

Hoeg & Company provides ratings of bank operational efficiency and business quality that accurately identify best and worst performers. The ratings allow users to quickly and accurately differentiate those banks with superior performance from marginal players with higher accuracy and confidence than with traditional performance measures.

Solipay is a growing startup in the FinTech sector built on the revolutions transforming the world of consumer data. The company’s extension and mobile app users opt-in to share high-frequency location and browsing data, along with their demographics, PII and device data. Solipay provides holistic and comprehensive user audiences.

OpenAVN provides cyber security and malware data. As the industry moves toward the next phase of distributed ledger technology adoption, OpenAVN aims to serve as the next generation of Malware Protection systems. With a decentralized global network of threat detectors, OpenAVN creates a threat intelligence layer that will put users ahead of digital threats.

Infodepots provides B2B leads and contact data, with email list databases covering 55 countries. Infodepot’s data products can be filtered according to industry, such as healthcare businesses.

Market Vue’s team has helped design the grocery industry’s leading and most effective loyalty program, the targeting strategy for P&G’s most successful new product launch, and Bank of America’s first marketing database. Green Vue Personas is Market Vue’s new green propensity system designed to help marketers better understand and target the Green economy in all its forms.

TVEyes provides access to broadcast and radio transcripts via a global network. Alongside its technology partner, Finch Computing, TVEyes provides the capabilities to unearth insights and intelligence embedded in the transcripts.

A2A is a data broker offering CPG data, credit card transaction data, GPS location data, and point-of-sale (POS) data. A2A’s credit card transaction dataset has global coverage, and is used by multi-industry companies to build detailed consumer profiles and develop effective strategies for marketing and pricing.

Mintec delivers market prices and analysis for more than 14,000 food ingredients and associated materials. Mintec enables the world’s largest food and CPG brands to implement more efficient and sustainable procurement strategies. The company’s data empowers users to understand supplier prices better, analyze their spend and negotiate with confidence.

SportMonks provides sports data, used by 20,000 sports fanatics. The company’s football data is the fastest and most reliable of every middle segment data provider and is delivered via API.

MarketCheck is an online data aggregator providing automotive data that some of the most-recognized companies run on. MarketCheck powers the largest car portals, value guides, reporting agencies and all types of 3rd party software providers.

Bobble AI is transforming conversations of over 30 million users into datasets to analyze users’ app usage and web behavior. These datasets include speech-to-text capabilities and are accessible in approximately 100 international languages including 23 Indian languages.

OikoLab Weather provides weather and climate data for analysts, sourced from global NWP data models. OikoLab Weather can provide hourly time-series weather parameters for any location from 1950 to 16 days ahead.

As a specialist weather data provider, Meteomatics focuses on the provision of high-quality, processed weather and environmental data for a variety of users, including data scientists, analysts and meteorologists. The company’s unique data delivery architecture provides near-real-time data from the widest available range of providers, all in a single, simple-to-use API.

TEC’s B2B intent data is pulled from its global, opt-in network of IT and business professionals (40 million audience members world-wide). A top software research and evaluation firm, TEC leverages a trusted relationship with this global audience of professionals to provide intent data and custom lead generation programs to its clients.

Scanlife by Scanbuy provides shopping, demographic, location, and identity data. The company’s data offering features 8,000 brand- and product-level segments, merchant names and address data. All Scanlife by Scanbuy data is at an individual consumer level so it is highly specific, targetable and trackable.

Sulpetro is an energy industry data firm specializing in high quality Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) table stock data. The company’s database contains every natural gas facility, refinery, fractionation, terminal/storage in North America, with over 20 years of production data.

datazeit is a technology startup based in Cologne and is redefining the future of the consumer goods industry. The company provides customer and product data for retailers including Walmart, eBay, and Amazon. datazeit’s matching AI connects millions of signals from social media and web into better decisions and more successful products.

CUFTanalytics is an independent transfer pricing consulting firm and corporate loan data provider. CUFTanalytics provides expert advice and data-driven solutions for the inter-company financial transactions domain. CUFTanalytics has assisted numerous multinational companies across the globe and across industries with analyzing, designing, documenting, and defending their transfer pricing policies and procedures with respect to inter-company financial transactions.