10 Best Data Providers for 360 Customer View

October 02, 2020
Data Expert Lucy
Lucy Kelly Research Analyst at Datarade
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Successful digital marketing depends on understanding your customer’s needs in as much depth as you would your friend’s.

Delivering stellar customer experience is set to become a more important brand differentiator than product or pricing. For marketers, this means delivering a service which directly addresses pain points and caters to intent by analyzing customer behavior and demographics.

Truly understanding your consumer requires analyzing a mass of disparate data points. What’s more, information about a customer’s previous interactions isn’t enough - marketers must monitor what customers are doing in the present, and anticipate what they’ll do in future.

How can marketers harmonize these factors for advanced customer intelligence?

Marketers are turning to data providers to build a 360 view of their customers. A data-driven 360 customer view ensures the optimal customer experience and most powerful CRM systems, because you’ll truly know the people you’re targeting.

We’ve compiled a list of the best data providers for 360 customer view.

The 10 Best Data Providers for 360 Customer View

Lifesight is a data provider offering datasets on Visits, Identity and App Usage. These datasets can be used to maintain a 360 customer view based on the places people visit in the physical world and online. With 1.2 billion consumer profiles, Lifesight’s data facilitates customer intelligence across the world.

zeotap is a Berlin-based identity graph data provider with over 3 billion data profiles. Marketers use zeotap to create 360 customer views and consumer behavior predictions, which enables them to select how to market their products most effectively and which audience segment to target to generate sales.

StartApp is a mobile audience data provider with insights for building a 360 customer view for 1.5 billion user personas. StartApp’s datasets have at least 1 year of historical coverage, which marketers can leverage for consumer re-targeting campaigns and intent modelling.

Mobilewalla provides mobile audience data for hyper-targeting. Mobilewalla uses IDs across 570 million devices to place users into hundreds of demographic and behavioral segments, giving marketers access to 360 customers views both in detail and at scale.

AnalyticsIQ is a data provider company with a team of cognitive psychologists and data scientists for the most in-depth 360 customer view. AnalyticsIQ supplies intelligence beyond standalone statistics: the company’s PeopleCore database contains information, including psychological drivers and affluence categories, for over 241 million US adults.

Vumonic offers consumer transaction data covering dozens of verticals for a 360 customer view, including purchase transaction data in SKU-level detail. Vumonic’s data has a historical coverage stretching back 3 years, enabling marketers to adjust their customer profiles based on market trends alongside demographic and behavioral factors.

Reveal Mobile provides a range of global datasets, including the company’s Behavioral & Demographics. Derived from location data, Reveal Mobile’s dataset segments customers into intent segments such as ‘Gym Enthusiasts’ and ‘Clothing Shoppers’, meaning markets can build a 360 customer view for the segments which suit their product or service best.

Throtle is an identity graph data provider. The company aims to provide marketers with solutions for personalization and identity resolution. Throtle’s data covers 350 million US consumers and is subject to stringent verification methods for the richest 360 customer view.

Matrixian Group is a location data provider with over 10 years of experience and 196 countries in its dataset. Matrixian Group connect these locations to individual consumers, and segments these into clusters according to economic status and interests. Matrixian Group’s data provides a ‘full and holistic perspective’ of prospect customers - a 360 view.

PreciseTarget offers purchase behavior and brand affinity data. Using Machine Learning, PreciseTarget collects data from 5 billion retail transactions, providing insights into the shopping tastes of over 220 million US consumers. The 360 customer view available using PreciseTarget’s data can optimize a marketer’s predictive modeling and audience targeting strategies.