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We are a team of young and energetic entrepreneurs, software engineers, machine-learning/AI experts, and ex research/consumer insights-establishment professionals who are building a unified global ecommerce intelligence platform. We have a scalable business model in which we gain opt-in, GDPR-compliant
permissions to collect, process, and anonymously aggregate data across dozens of verticals. This allows us unparalleled access into market dynamics, consumer behavior, and competitive intelligence in online verticals.


Data Offering

Data and/or insights on consumers, competitors, and the ecommerce market overall in any region of the world. We provide SKU-level transactional data, sourced directly from consumers.

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Our enterprise solutions are in the low-to-mid six figures EUR range, depending on needs/requirements, and we have a SaaS model priced much lower for smaller organizations and datasets.

Use Cases

Our clients use our insights and data to understand key KPIs such as market share, average order volumes, churn, loyalty, geographical analysis, and more. We provide both raw, clean data (for companies with large data teams) and insight-ready reports (for companies who wish to receive customized reports).

Geo Coverage

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Data Sources & Collection

Our platform is powered by consumer opt-in email transactional & promotional data (e-receipts/offer emails, etc). We process the data using our in-house machine learning algorithm. Our machine learning algorithm carefully picks the relevant data for analysing the metrics. Our AI transform the data into meaningfull insights. There insights are generated real-time and demographic filters can be applied on it.

Key Differentiators

  • Scalable : Ability to provide any consumer transactional e-receipt-based dataset in any region in 4 weeks or less

  • Granular: Transaction-level data far superior for share and consumer behavior tracking compared to AppAnnie, SimilarWeb (app install + web traffic data)

  • GDPR Compliant, Opt-in Panel: 100% of users are opt-in and control their data privacy fully. Since we take privacy as our #1 concern, we are able to scale to huge levels of users easily.

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