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Envestnet Yodlee, the leading data aggregation and data analytics platform, helps consumers live better financial lives through innovative products and services created for more than 1,300 financial institutions and FinTech companies, including 16 of the top 20 U.S. banks.
Envestnet Yodlee is headquartered in Redwood City, CA with global offices in London and Bangalore.
United States of America

Data Offering

Yodlee is the market leader in de-identified consumer spend data. We tag thousands of companies to billions of transactions that we capture in near real time (T+2) and provide via feeds at different levels of granularity as well as a Dashboard. With nearly 15 million active consumers the data has significant applications to investment portfolios in understanding revenue growth, competitive spend and customer lifetime values.


As we offer a wide range of services prices can range from low 5 figures (custom data) to high six figures (row level data)

  • One-off purchase
  • Yearly license

Use Cases

Revenue prediction, competitive spend, customer lifetime values, employment insight, Covid-19 impact/recovery, Macro

Geo Coverage

Africa (1)
South Africa
North America (2)
United States of America
Oceania (2)
New Zealand

Certifications & Associations

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Data Sources & Collection

Consumer transactions are sourced from our aggregation services where with consent we help consumers live better financial lives. We’re partnered with 1,300 financial institutions and FinTech companies, including 16 of the top 20 U.S. banks.

Key Differentiators

Yodlee has the largest panel of Active US Consumers capturing spend and income activity across both credit and debit accounts. All data is sourced from Yodlee’s core business of providing financial aggregation services to banks and fintechs ensuring long term stability.

  • Products include row-level, aggregated, custom and a Dashboard.
  • Free to trial
  • Company specific sales/revenue (or sector based) via spending data we capture. correlations >.85 for hundreds of companies.
  • We have the ability to sort by many metrics (growth rates, categories, online offline, income, geo, etc)
  • Payroll data enabling analysis of wage costs, hiring, seasonality, employment, employment duration, etc) and or for consumer health (account balances, income to spend ratios, etc..)
  • Ability to cohort consumer behavior to decipher long term consumer loyalty/lifetime values
  • Bank level data for intelligence on rent payments, mortgage payments, consumer account balances, income to spend ratios, etc (metrics on credit payments)
  • Inflation rates via increased spending and or ticket prices.

Data Privacy

Protecting the personal information of those who use our services is a top priority for Envestnet Yodlee.

We adhere to leading industry practices for data security, regulatory compliance, and privacy, and employ systems that monitor and remove all known identifiers from data elements that are collected. We also follow and adhere to applicable laws and industry guidance regarding the use of consumer data, including the newly enacted California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA), which further outlines processes and procedures for handling de-identified data. We are also subject to examination by the U.S. Federal Banking Agencies, per the Bank Service Company Act, for the services provided to U.S. financial institutions. Additionally, we employ proprietary and third-party technical controls, such as encryption, to protect data while it resides on our systems, and further ensure protection of consumer anonymity.

CCPA compliant
GDPR compliant


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