Best Credit & Debit Card Transaction Data Providers: Q1 2023

March 31, 2021
Data Expert Lucy
Lucy Kelly Research Analyst at Datarade
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Demand for credit and debit card transaction data is on the rise across global industries.

More and more retailers, buy-side investors, consultancy firms, and commerical real estate agents need access to reliable consumer intellegence to inform their strategies. To access these insights, they’re turning to credit and debit card transaction data to get the most representative picture of consumer spending.

In spite of this increased demand, businesses can still encounter challenges when they’re looking for credit and debit card transaction data. Sourcing raw data is time-consuming. It can also be tricky finding data which fits the user’s exact requirements, whether that’s geographical coverage, historical lookback, or transaction type.

How can businesses get the best credit and debit card transaction data for their unique use case?

We’ve compiled a list of the best credit and debit card transation data providers going into 2023. Covering millions of consumers and regions worldwide, these data suppliers are leading the field when it comes to providing reliable, quality consumer transaction data. All providers are available to connect with securely and buy from using our data marketplace: get exploring today and browse their data offering.

10 Best Credit & Debit Card Transaction Data Providers: Q1 2023

The Best Credit & Debit Card Transaction Data Providers: Q1 2023

QueXopa is the market leader in capturing consumer transaction data for the LATAM region, including Colombia, Ecuador, and Argentina. The company covers over 3 million users in Brazil and Mexico. QueXopa collects data from online debit and credit card purchases as well as from e-receipts, with 5,000,000 transactions captured monthly.

Fable Data provides anonymous consumer spending data for the UK. The company’s debit and credit card transaction data is sourced from a panel of UK consumers and can be delivered in real-time. Fable Data captures both online and offline transaction data for debits and credit card purchases.

Envestnet - Yodlee is an analytics platform that helps financial institutions, retailers, commerce sites, and fintech companies analyze consumer purchase behaviour. Envestnet - Yodlee offers a proprietary panel of credit card transaction data for online and offline purchases, covering consumer spending in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Germany.

90 West Data provides first-party transaction data covering millions of US consumers. 90 West Data’s transaction data panels can be customized according to industry vertical, as well as consumer demographic profile and ZIP code. The company’s data has 3 years of historical coverage and covers online and offline transactions.

Sandalwood Advisors is a leading data provider for consumer transaction intelligence in China and Japan. The company sources transaction across online and offline channels for both credit and debit cards.

UNBANKS provides 100% opt-in consumer transaction data. The company pays consumers for access to their banking data, which is stored in UNBANKS’ dataset of multiple accounts, multiple banks, neo banks, and credit & debit cards. UNBANKS’ credit card transaction data covers UK consumers.

Above Data supplies credit and debit card transaction data for 4 million monthly consumers in the US and India. Above Data’s offering covers 2 years of online transactions for 2 billion SKUs, covering hundreds of retailers.

Money Dashboard has a consumer transaction data panel for the EU and UK. Data from Money Dashboard is first-party, direct-from-source, and covers both online and offline transactions for 400 listed entities and over 1200 merchants.

TOKENCENT is a debit card transaction data provider offering in-depth transaction data from 1000+ mobile banking customers across the US. TOKENCENT’s database can be customized according to transaction timestamp, transaction amount, as well as aggregated information about the user including gender and state of residence.

Facteus is a leading consumer transaction data provider with a transaction dataset comprising of over 22 million US consumer debit and credit cards. The dataset covers online and offline transactions and has the fastest data lag in the industry. Facteus’ data is GDPR- and CCPA-compliant.