10 Best Data Providers for ESG Investing

September 11, 2020
Data Expert Lucy
Lucy Kelly Research Analyst at Datarade
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Last year, more than 70% of global investors applied an ESG lens to over a quarter of their portfolios, compared to 48% in 2017.

The rise of value-based investing shows no sign of stopping. A company’s corporate sustainability metrics can hugely affect its reputation and stock price. For this reason, investors use ESG analytics to identify risks and opportunities for alpha.

However, investors can only generate alpha with the most up-to-date materiality intelligence. A company’s ESG rating can fluctuate suddenly, based on media controversies and corporate reports. If a company’s ESG score drops, the value of their stocks can also plummet.

How can financiers ensure that they invest in companies with a stable ESG track record? How can they find these lucrative portfolios before their competitors when ESG analysis requires extensive research?

ESG and stock market data providers carry out algorithmic, real-time ESG rating. They collect firmographic and news data from worldwide sources, so investors can use accurate data without the time-consuming research.

We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best data providers for ESG investing.

The 10 Best Data Providers for ESG Investing

Miotech offers stock exchange and ESG data for stock markets in China. Miotech monitors the ESG performance of over 800,000 companies across China, so investors can spot opportunities for alpha generation.

Sense Folio is an ESG data provider. They cover over 20,000 companies and deliver ESG score to investors on a daily basis, so investment decisions are based on real-time analytics.

Truvalue Labs provide data-driven solutions to enhance investment decision-making. They collect data from millions of sources per month, so that investors can manage risk and monitor portfolios across a range of countries and industries.

ISS ESG is a leading provider of ESG data and climate-conscious solutions. Their data is used for asset and hedge fund management by global investors and corporates. ISS ESG’s data makes investment in material assets more profitable and sustainable.

Goldbaum is a data provider for ESG and stock market data. Their intelligence is 100% accurate and system-ready, and investors can make unlimited data API requests if they’re interested in Goldbaum’s ESG database.

Owl Analytics is an ESG data provider. Intelligence supplied by Owl Analytics is causing the corporate investment landscape to become more value-based and sustainable. Owl Analytics’ data allows investors to carry out ethical trading and drive up alpha generation.

Sustainalytics is a Netherlands-based data provider. The company supports sustainable investment and enables traders to benchmark portfolios from over 4000 companies, based on detailed ESG metrics.

Accern utilizes AI and ML to power data-driven sustainable investment. The company offers historical ESG data covering the past 15 years, collected from Dow Jones News Wires and EDGAR SEC Filings.

Arabesque S-Ray was born out of the company’s own need for powerful ESG metrics. Their ESG data assigns over 7000 companies with ESG scores based on 30,000 news sources and 700 NGO campaigns.

Clarity AI is a data provider which supplies intelligence for sustainable investing. The company leverages AI analysis and scientific methodologies to give investors the most comprehensive understanding of a company’s ESG performance.