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We are on a mission that great and unique data fueling powerful and deep-diving analytics should be easy to find and simple to use. We enable financial analysts & money managers to do more and better research with fewer resources.

The Goldbaum Application Programming Interface (API) reduces the costs of acquiring, treating and managing large datasets while offering higher reliability and accuracy. This online service feeds analysts, sales, strategists, structures, traders and portfolio managers pristine datasets and unique insights to stay ahead with financial markets.

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Data Offering

All financial and extra-financial data and analytics for exchange-traded funds, products, commodities, derivatives and index funds available at a click of a button.

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We offer an enterprise-wide pricing per financial security identification number i.e. by product ISIN (including CUSIP, WKN, Exchange ticker symbols, etc.). There is no seat policy. Product issuers and independent data providers enjoy additional discounts when onboarding our (free) data partnership programme.

Pricing basic Data API services start at 0.99- EUR per month per ISIN.

Available on request.

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Use Cases

Institutional investors continue to include exchange-traded funds (ETFs), products (ETPs) and commodities (ETCs) in their portfolios, across the U.S., European and Asian markets. However, the ecosystem is heavily fragmented, especially in Europe, and market structures remain opaque. Without reliable access to clean datasets and robust analytics, it is very often difficult to make the best-informed investment decision.

Goldbaum provides a unique level of accurate and high-quality fund, market, index, ESG/SRI, smart and proprietary data analytics for ETFs, ETPs and ETCs. Access to our database is critical for a variety o uses case within the financial, banking and insurance industry. Please see below for several examples.

1 - Product issuers (ETF, ETP, ETC) improve and fully digitalise their competitor analysis and insights. Portfolio Management and Capital Markets teams can observe trends and flows into their product lines versus their competition. They will accelerate the structuring and the issuance of new products and additional listings.

2 - Product buyers (Institutional investors such as Funds of Funds, Private Banks Family Offices, Hedge Fund and Insurance companies) accelerate their product/market selection and gain better-informed investment decision-making. Long-only, long-term or global macro investment managers combine fund flows and analysis. They detect market sentiment and hidden opportunities such as tactical or strategic positioning, rebalancing, buy/sell signals. Research analysts and strategists use all our datasets (incl. proprietary) and analytics to quickly categorise products according to specific exposures while eliminating hidden risks. They easily watch over product efficiency and compliance with portfolio constraints. Quantitative analysts and developers use pristine-clear datasets and analytics to build predictive analytics for portfolio analysis or optimisation. Risk Officers perform look-through analysis and check for concentration and liquidity risks. Compliance officers monitor product structures and suitability while having access to all information and documentation in one go.

3 - Market Makers and Securities Lenders. Trading and Repo desks at Brokers, Interdealer brokers, Investment banks have access to aggregated analytics using time series of creation-redemption or basket inventories.

Investment Management Market Research Portfolio Construction Product Research Quantitative Investing

Geo Coverage

North America (1)
United States of America

Data Sources & Collection

Our infrastructure daily collects, treats and pre-analyses all data and information, automatically and directly, from stock exchanges, financial data online repositories and product issuers. Our data infrastructure scraps up to 50’000 pages daily and collects up to 20’000 new documents each month. We do NOT use any data provided by Bloomberg, Factset, MorningStar, Thomson Reuters or any other competitors’.

Key Differentiators

All data available at a click of a button: it is reconciled, cleaned and aggregated with full history (market, fund, index, documentation, ESG/SRI, smart, proprietary)
Unlimited API requests
100% accurate, system-ready, and up-to-date
Compatible with existing legacy vendor’s API queries

Data Privacy

All available data is either public, free or authorised by the product provider for release and treated/cleaned analytics usage.


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