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SenseFolio utilizes AI, Machine Learning and NLP techniques to rate companies’​ involvement in Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) topics.
Our motto is “Give Sense to Your Investment Porfolio”
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We deliver our data through a REST API

  • Scoring
  • Signals
United States of America

Data Offering

20000 companies analyzed
Daily scores delivered through an API
Based on the Sensefolio ESG framework

AI & ML Training DataAlternative DataESG DataNatural Language Processing (NLP) Data


Sense Folio has not published pricing information for their data services. This is common practice for data vendors and providers. Contact Sense Folio to obtain current pricing.

Use Cases

Asset Management

  • Access, daily scoring of more than 20,000 companies worldwide
  • 50 criteria analyzed on a daily basis
  • Compare your portfolio companies to their ESG challenges and performance
  • Explore the controversies that could highlight your investments


  • Explore the signals, social media posts and articles that lead to the ESG scores
  • Build ESG tracker for Public Relations teams, Executive Boards, or Listenning rooms

Data Sources & Collection

3 categories of sources:

  • Financial & CSR reports
  • News: specialized journalist, newspapers,
  • Social Networks: Twitter, Glassdoor, Indeed, Inhersight, etc.

Key Differentiators

With our Sensefolio API

We deliver ESG scoring for 20 000+ companies with 50 criteria developed through our ESG Sensefolio framework.

In addition we deliver also all the signals that led the score calculation on a daily basis, so there is no “Black Box”.

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