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8.5K Companies
106 countries covered
22+ positive, negative and speciality screens for global companies. 8500 companies mapped to financial indices.
17K companies
100% population
95 countries covered
To create this dataset we process structured and unstructured data sets, as well as traditional financial datasets, to ensure that all ESG-relevant data on a...
USA covered
A rich dataset of key ESG, Financial and Alternative data to gain an advanced 360° profile of US companies.
17K companies
100% population
91 countries covered
We have built a cutting-edge news system to process the news for all our coverage in real-time. This involves tracking thousands of news sources, social medi...
493 records
48 countries covered
5 years of historical data
Reported Water Data (total water withdrawal, total water consumption, total water recycled and total freshwater withdrawal) of 309 European Companies from 20...
17K companies
100% Daily Refresh
94 countries covered
We use the latest technologies to create a high-quality people metrics dataset for over 17,000 publicly traded companies globally, which is refreshed daily. ...

Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked when evaluating different data vendors

Who are the best ESG data providers?

Finding the right ESG data provider for you really depends on your unique use case and data requirements, including budget and geographical coverage. Popular ESG data providers that you might want to buy ESG data from are Owl Analytics, Datacie, Akadia, Social Subsidy, and SIGWATCH.

How many ESG data providers are there?

There’s a huge number of ESG data providers out there! If you’re not sure where to get started, we have a list of 90 ESG data providers on our platform.

How do I choose the right ESG data provider?

To find the best ESG data provider for your use case, you should create a shortlist of providers and compare the quality, volume, and historical and geographical coverage of their ESG data. Datarade can help you get a good comparison of ESG data providers.

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