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249 countries covered
4 years of historical data
Insights into the actions taken and the goals set by the world’s public companies towards the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) developed by the United...
12K Listed Equities
100% Traceability
125 countries covered
Impact valuation data measuring and quantifying the impact of a company's activities on natural, human capital and financial capital, in $ terms. Based on ri...
240 countries covered
7 years of historical data
The Contribution to UN SDGs Tool & Impact Data enables customers to quantify the contribution of investments to all 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) a...
240 countries covered
Ambee’s hyperlocal greenhouse gas (GHG) data is powered by Ambee’s proprietary technology. Track your emissions and minimize the risks of climate change to y...
1M company relations
95% match rate
7 countries covered
This dataset provides an in-depth view into any specific company’s truck-based supply chain and its relationships with other facilities and companies within ...
70M unique company records
100% weekly updates
217 countries covered
Oursolution contains 3 elements: ESG classification , ESG Behaviours + ESG policies. They provide a powerful profile of a company’s ESG footprint vs. their...

Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked when evaluating different data vendors

What are the top suppliers and sources of ESG Data?

You can evaluate an ESG data source based on several metrics. The most useful metrics are usually data coverage, cost, data type, and delivery frequency. Comparing data suppliers using these metrics will help you decide the best ESG data provider for your specific use case!

For example, if Provider X can deliver on-demand ESG data at low cost, this is probably best if you need a low-budget data source urgently. However, if you need an ESG data supplier which covers global companies, Provider X wouldn’t be the best source if they only cover US businesses.

Another ESG data quality factor is the data type. Does the provider source ESG data from outside-in or inside-out? To put it another way, do they source ESG data from a company’s internal reports? Or do they scrape ESG data from public sources like social media and the press? This may be an important consideration depending on what you’re using the data for. From here, you can choose the top ESG data supplier having weighed up all the quality metrics.

Who are the best ESG data providers?

Finding the right ESG data provider for you really depends on your unique use case and data requirements, including budget and geographical coverage. Popular ESG data providers that you might want to buy ESG data from are Owl Analytics, Datacie, Social Subsidy, SIGWATCH, and ESG Analytics.

How many ESG data providers are there?

There’s a huge number of ESG data providers out there! If you’re not sure where to get started, we have a list of 92 ESG data providers on our platform.

How do I choose the right ESG data provider?

To find the best ESG data provider for your use case, you should create a shortlist of providers and compare the quality, volume, and historical and geographical coverage of their ESG data. Datarade can help you get a good comparison of ESG data providers.

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