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Investors make decisions based on a company's estimated value. This is calculated based on factors including the company's number of employees, industry, and credit score. Not all of this information is publicly-available, so investors rely on company data for valuations.
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Our Data Partners
270K records
99% % of all U.S. banks
1 country covered
Efficiency and Quality Ratings are measures how well banks use resources to achieve profitable results. Based on Efficient Frontier Analysis they identify t...
20K manufacturers
40% of the total sales of Japan Supermarket Association
1 country covered
A consumer purchase data sourced from 1,600 retail chains in Japan, with long history.
Nikkei Earnings Estimates
by Nikkei Market Data
2K Journalists
100% Listed companies
1 country covered
The earning estimates derived by Nikkei journalists. The forecast covers every listed company in Japan, and provides accurate estimates from neutral perspect...
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Accutrend Data
Based in USA
All of our core functions remain in-house- providing an immense level of control and flexibility. We own our data and harvest it directly from the source, en...
500,000 +
New Records/Month
Nikkei Market Data
Based in Japan
Nikkei has a proven track record of providing economic data to corporate customers such as financial institutions and government agencies for 50 years, and g...
Years history
IVC Research Center
Based in Israel
IVC is the leading data source and business information company in Israel's high-tech industry. IVC identify opportunities with access to the latest news, tr...
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