Revenue Forecasting

Revenue forecasting is the process of estimating a company’s incoming cashflow from their main operations over a fixed period in time. Investors use often data-driven models of the company’s revenue performance to crate forecasts that help make educated investment decisions.
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Our Data Partners
1.11Q Data captures 80% of revenue contribution
80% revenue contribution
214 countries covered
Data that details revenue contribution from primary sources (1) Domains under registration (2) Hosting (3) Business apps
1.11Q (1) Number of paying clients (2) Domain registration activity (3) Associated Email services.
214 countries covered
1 years of history data
Customer adoption/use data that details: |(1) Number of paying clients (2) Domain registration activity (3) Associated Email services.
1.11Q all paying customer names in top 2 tiers
99% paying customer
214 countries covered
Enterprise adoption data that details: |Paying customer names by subscription level |Totals | Acquisitions & churn | Migrations/upgrades| KPI analytics
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Based in USA
MedMine, is an aggregator of hospital procurement data. We have created the leading database of medical device and hospital-supply purchase data in the Unite...
Based in USA
DataPulse provides the primary revenue indicator for cloud-based offerings - enterprise adoption. Census level datasets are global & answer these questions f...
Paying customers by name
Customer counts, revenues
Envestnet | Yodlee
Based in USA
Yodlee is the market leader in de-identified consumer spend/income data. We tag thousands of public and private companies to billions of transactions that we...
15 m+
Active users
Since 2011
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