Alpha Generation

Alpha generation is an investment term referring to the competitive edge over others’ investment strategies. Using a mixture of traditional financial and alternative data investors and hedge funds can gain positive ROI’s above their competitors, thus generating alpha.
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Efficiency and Quality Ratings are measures how well banks use resources to achieve profitable results. Based on Efficient Frontier Analysis they identify t...
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CustomWeather houses historical hourly and daily weather observations for 8,400 global locations. Available from 1930 (or earlier) to today.
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The ratings we devised for “Foreign Investors Rating”, FIR in short, is to provide user(s) a quantitative and qualitative analysis on foreign institutional i...
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Based in USA is a mobile data platform. (formerly StartApp) enables organizations to uncover insights and make data-driven decisions that enhance strate...
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Nikkei Market Data
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Nikkei has a proven track record of providing economic data to corporate customers such as financial institutions and government agencies for 50 years, and g...
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RIWI is a global technology company that provides access to fast-changing consumer and citizen sentiment in any country in the world, including China. Our pl...
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Frequently Asked Questions about Alpha Generation

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What is alpha generation?

Alpha is the return of investment from quantitative investing. Generating alpha often refers to the act using data to gain a competitive edge over the other investors’ strategies.

What is the difference between alpha and beta for investing?

While alpha measures the return on investment in comparison to its benchmark, beta tells more about the volatility of the investment. Beta is simply an indication of its relative risk.