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Alqami is a leading provider of unique alternative data sources, most of which are available on a daily basis. If you don’t see what you are looking for here, please get in contact as we have a broad network of data sources.

United Kingdom

Data Offering


Pricing is based on the depth, breadth, frequency and content of each data set. Please contact us for more information on pricing.

Use Cases

  1. Investment Decisions
  2. Corporate / Strategic Planning
  3. Research

Data Sources & Collection

Unsecured loan application data for the UK
Frequency: Daily
Time series: 4 years
170,000 loan applications per month
Covers several loan types for 20+ major financial institutions
Includes all loan data as well as whether the loan was executed

Test Drive and Car Loan data
Frequency: Daily
Time Series: 4 years
30,000 entries per week
Test drive and car loan data (make and model of car, length of test drive, purchased, etc)
Coverage of Australia and New Zealand

Defense Industry data
Frequency: Weekly
240 categories of defense data
Coverage: Global
Information on manufacture, order, delivery, expected lifespan, etc

Key Differentiators

Alqami distributes large alternative data sets as well as helping our clients find datasets they require. We have clients across a number of industry sectors, and focus on data that is refreshed at least daily.

Data Privacy

Alqami does not store customer data, and is in full compliance with GDPR and other applicable regulations.

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