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Best Alternative Data Providers & Companies

Alternative data can mean essentially anything. Whether we talk about data collected from satellite imagery, scraped website data, or information collected upon point of sales, they all have one thing in common; hedge funds, asset managers and financial institutions love them.


Alternative data is mainly used during financial analysts to predict a stock’s performance more accurately. Quality predictions can give an investor a competitive edge over others, thus being able to beat the average market returns. This difference is called the alpha.

With strong evidence of data’s power in financial analysis, there is a rising number of market research companies using cutting-edge technologies that provide a variety of alternative data for different markets.

How do you as an investor make sure that you’re talking to a provider who can take your decisions to the next level?

While there are many criteria to data quality which are often determined by your specific use case, there are a few companies which stand above the others.

We compiled a list of the top alternative data companies on our platform. The list is here to help you get started in your search for alpha.

Top 20 Alternative Data Providers

Boston Analytics Badge icon

Based in United States of America
Offers Data for 83 countries
TMT industry is granularly segmented into 65 segments (for example, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, etc.). 102,000 companies are mapped to the 65 segments in a Knowledge Graph. Industry and...

M Science

Based in United States of America
M Science is a data provider offering Credit Card Transaction Data, Stock Market Data, Alternative Data, Debit Card Transaction Data, and Alternative Credit Data. They are headquartered in United S...
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Popular Alternative Data Products

Explore popular datasets, databases & APIs for alternative data.
5K records
98% match rate
55 countries covered
InfoTrie facilitates >10k tickers publicly listed in the US market. The data reports helps in cross – company as well as cross – section analysis to maximize...
97% Success rate in real-time
245 countries covered
Use our G2 dataset to collect product descriptions, ratings, reviews, and pricing information from the world's largest tech marketplace. You may purchase a f...
249 countries covered
We can gather any publicly available data on any website and provide structured data as downloads or as an API
249 countries covered
Work with Datacie to get professional-graded and fully customizable data tailored to your goals. Gain a strategic edge that only few can benefit from.
1M Locations
99% Change in hours accuracy
240 countries covered
Data set a customer foot traffic abstraction derived from changes to business's hours of operation. Businesses reduce hours when traffic slows and increase h...
USA covered
A rich dataset of key ESG, Financial and Alternative data to gain an advanced 360° profile of US companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked when evaluating different data vendors

Who are the best Alternative data providers?

Finding the right Alternative data provider for you really depends on your unique use case and data requirements, including budget and geographical coverage. Popular Alternative data providers that you might want to buy Alternative data from are Sentifi, Data-Core, FACTSET, DataSpark, and InfoTrie.

How many Alternative data providers are there?

There’s a huge number of Alternative data providers out there! If you’re not sure where to get started, we have a list of 244 Alternative data providers on our platform.

How do I choose the right Alternative data provider?

To find the best Alternative data provider for your use case, you should create a shortlist of providers and compare the quality, volume, and historical and geographical coverage of their Alternative data. Datarade can help you get a good comparison of Alternative data providers.

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