360-Degree Customer View

The 360-degree customer view refers to the idea where companies get a comprehensive image of their customers by the means of internal and external data aggregation. The application of 360 degree practises enables more strategic sales and marketing campaigns.
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Customer Data Platform
by Leadspace
45B Accounts
173 countries covered
Leadspace CDP 1) Know- Unified 1st and 3rd party data to understand your customers 2) Target - Artificial Intelligence (AI) clear next-step recommendation...
Customer Insight Report
by Matrixian Group
1 country covered
The Customer Insight Report provides an interactive dashboard that gives insight into who your customers are and helps you to make the right marketing decisi...
21.1M ADC Universe Count
1 country covered
4 years of history data
Accutrend Business View Data (ADC-BVD) is a combination of phone & utility connections, proprietary change of address, new domain registrations, and deed reg...
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Datastream Group
Based in USA
Our Dedicated team is ready to create an innovative data solution that is tuned to your business needs.
large quantities
constantly updated & verified
250M +
Full consumer profiles
Based in USA
Empowering brands with the most accurate 1:1 view of their customers, across channels and devices.
US Individuals
Privacy Compliant
Deterministic Matching
Based in USA
Start.io is a mobile data platform. Start.io (formerly StartApp) enables organizations to uncover insights and make data-driven decisions that enhance strate...
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Frequently Asked Questions about 360-Degree Customer View

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What is the 360 customer view?

The 360-degree customer view is achieved when companies aggregate their customer data for deeper analytic purposes. It yields insights on the past, present and the future.

Why is a 360-degree customer view important?

360 customer view helps businesses to get a more wholistic understanding about their past, current and future customers. It helps marketers and sales teams to complete more strategic out and inbound campaigns.