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The 360-degree customer view refers to the idea where companies get a comprehensive image of their customers by the means of internal and external data aggregation. The application of 360 degree practises enables more strategic sales and marketing campaigns.
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10K Records
100% Accuracy
63 countries covered
Scrape online reviews from Amazon without worrying about headless browsers, proxies or CAPTCHAS
Netherlands covered
The Customer Insight Report provides interactive dashboards that give perfect insight into who your customers are and help you to make the right marketing de...
45B Accounts
173 countries covered
Leadspace CDP 1) Know- Unified 1st and 3rd party data to understand your customers 2) Target - Artificial Intelligence (AI) clear next-step recommendation...
1.97M ADC Universe Count
USA covered
4 years of historical data
ADC-BVD in essence is pre-opened businesses that are not registered with any Government Source they are de-duped against ADC's New Business Registrations file.
100 million records per year
100% Direct Customs
240 countries covered
Dataset covers 3 years of trade data & trending analysis like month wise, brand wise, commodity wise, HS-Code wise, Importer Names, Buyers, Port wise analysi...
60 Million People
25% National Coverage
USA covered
Identity resolution is the connecting of different identifiers such as MAIDs, IPs, cookies & hashed emails across devices and touch points to enable you to b... - Stirista profile banner
Based in USA
Stirista features a wide variety of audience types including Geolocation (Visitor Data), B2B, Consumer, Purchase-based, Online Activity, Intent, B2B Technolo...
Data Updated in Real-Time
60 Million
B2B Professionals - AmeriBase profile banner
Based in USA
In an industry where mergers and acquisitions are the norms, a “status quo” data provider can be a really good thing. At Ameribase Digital by Lighthouse list...
Years of Experience - Leadspace profile banner
Based in USA
Know your customers inside & out, optimize lead routing, & personalize all touchpoints. Integrations into Sales, Marketing & Ad platforms to ensure omni-chan...
>95% match
Match rate
Breadth of enrichment
Real time social data
Prosper Insights & Analytics
Based in USA
Prosper Insights & Analytics
Prosper Insights & Analytics is a global leader in “consumer intent” data serving the financial services, marketing technology, and retail industries. We pro... - Infocredit Group profile banner
Infocredit Group
Based in Cyprus
Infocredit Group
Infocredit Group is a leading provider of business intelligence and risk management solutions for 50 years. Its core services include: Credit Risk Management...
Countries Globally
Company Records - Matrixian profile banner
Based in Netherlands
By combining our international data sources with smart technology and expertise, we provide our customers with valuable insights, products and API's that ena...
169 countries mapped
+ 500 mln
Objects in our database
24 TB
24 TB data collected yearly

Frequently Asked Questions about 360-Degree Customer View

Learn everything about 360-Degree Customer View. Understand data sources, popular use cases, and data quality.

What is the 360 customer view?

The 360-degree customer view is achieved when companies aggregate their customer data for deeper analytic purposes. It yields insights on the past, present and the future.

Why is a 360-degree customer view important?

360 customer view helps businesses to get a more wholistic understanding about their past, current and future customers. It helps marketers and sales teams to complete more strategic out and inbound campaigns.