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As consumers bounce relentlessly across an increasingly wide array of devices and applications, the data trail they leave behind becomes more and more fragmented.

And that’s a problem for marketers who are often left wondering: Who – exactly – is the person behind the screen that we’re talking to?

Throtle is a data centric identity resolution and data onboarding company. We pride ourselves on accurately connecting people to data and devices, driving personalized marketing based on real individuals.

With decades of data expertise at our core, Throtle developed technology and data processes to ensure brands obtain and understand their customers at the highest levels of fidelity possible.

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Data Offering

The Throtle Identity Graph consists of million of names and addresses augmented with email addresses, MAIDs, mobile numbers and hundreds of core segments all deterministically linked to hundreds of millions of connected consumers across their devices and sourced from dozens of partners. Throtle rebuilds the Identity Graph in its entirety on a quarterly basis but makes changes, additions, deletion’s and adjustments on a daily basis.

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Throtle has not published pricing information for their data services. This is common practice for data vendors and providers. Contact Throtle to obtain current pricing.

Use Cases

Effective Personalization: If you do not know with confidence who the customer is, you can not personalize your messages or experiences to them. That, in turn, lowers the quality (and probably the duration) of your relationship with that individual. With trusted identity resolution, marketers can obtain an in-depth understanding of their customers, ensuring that the right message gets delivered to the right customer, on their preferred channel and device.

Better Customer Insights: Identity resolution helps marketers better understand who is on the other end of a browser, mobile app, CTV, or IP address. Accurate identity resolution allows companies to create a true single view of their customers that can be consistently communicated and deployed across brands, business units, and product lines. You should be able to continuously enrich, update, and share identity data across your entire organization in order to facilitate greater control and personalization.

Privacy Compliant Identity: Well-executed identity resolution embraces industry best practices and principles that ensure data is harnessed in ways that are ethical, compliant, and privacy safe. In the wake of GDPR, CCPA and others to soon follow, identity resolution ensures secure data transfer and encrypted storage, data processing controls and access restrictions as well as regulatory compliance.

Data and Consumer Accuracy: To properly execute 1:1 marketing, the data and methodology you use to identify customers on a truly individual basis must be accurate. If it isn’t, you will risk sending the wrong messages to customers at the wrong time. Identity resolution provides a constant stream of data to dynamically validate customers as they interact in offline and online channels. Accuracy data is vital to the success of personalization efforts.

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Certifications & Associations

Logo of Data & Marketing Association (DMA) certification
Logo of Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) certification
Logo of Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) certification
Logo of Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) certification
Logo of  Truth{set} certification

Data Sources & Collection

Our source data is derived from public records, warranty cards, consumer surveys, ecommerce websites, and other response-based sources in full compliance with all state and federal laws. Email data is sourced from partnerships that compile and aggregate the data via campaign deployments, contests, transactions, and affiliate marketing. MAIDs are from mobile contests, apps, in-app SDKs, and mobility services. No data is collected via web crawlers, spiders, or bots.

Key Differentiators

Utilizing an industry leading validated ID Graph, we ensure the highest level of accuracy. We use a wide array of personal and persistent data points, including email addresses, postal addresses, mobile numbers, device ids, etc., to validate identities consistently and in real-time.

Each data point in our ID Graph is validated by confirming it’s the same across at least 3 separate sources we’ve hand-picked and tested rigorously. We also have an external validation process that includes 5 levels of validation, including gold standard credit data.

Data Hygiene
Throtle is the only identity and onboarding firm that has a rigorous data hygiene process to ensure deterministic and individual accuracy. We perform data quality checks, validate, standardize and parse customer data, as well as enhance customer records.

Our ID Graph is built to allow the extension of records with emails and MAIDs – a process that is unique to Throtle, which increases match rates and generates greater responses.

Transparent results are a necessity in making proper strategic marketing decisions. Throtle provides clients with transparency in their customer data and provides reporting to prove it.

High Match Rates
Due to our data centric approach and ability to append multiple match keys, Throtle’s match rates are significantly higher in deterministic match rates over industry standards.

Data Privacy

Our approach to privacy, rooted in transparency, allows Throtle to ensure quality and integrity while following privacy, federal and security compliances. The file meets all ANA, DAA, NAI and IAB privacy, federal and security compliances. In addition, we are also compliant with GDPR and CCPA.


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