10 Best Data Providers for Customer Segmentation

September 21, 2020
Data Expert Lucy
Lucy Kelly Research Analyst at Datarade
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Understanding your customer in as much detail as possible - it’s key to cracking your business’ target market.

Personalized ad outreach, brand affinity analytics, delivering outstanding customer service - these all rely on effective customer segmentation. By catering to the individual needs of each customer segment, businesses see their conversion rates skyrocket.

The difficulty is scalable customer segmentation. Even if marketers understand every aspect of their best customers, sourcing customer ‘lookalikes’ for personalized outreach demands a lot of resources.

How can marketers expand their strongest customer segments efficiently? How can they build new segments accurately when there are so many variables which affect purchase intent?

Data providers offer customer insights to build quality audience segments at scale. With data categories ranging from social media sentiment to purchase behavior, data providers enable quality customer segmentation - at scale, 100% privacy-compliant.

We’ve compiled a list of the best data providers for customer segmentation.

The 10 Best Data Providers for Customer Segmentation

Throtle is an identity graph data provider. Throtle offers marketers an in-depth, up-to-date view of over 250 million customers. With Throtle’s database, marketers can perform audience segmentation and personalized outreach via the optimum channels, aimed at the best customers.

Acxiom is a consumer marketing data provider offering. The company enables marketers to understand and segment customers and households, with a database covering 162 million US households.

Retargetly is based in Argentina and offers data-driven customer segments for 600 million shoppers across North and South America. The company facilitates targeted advertising and customized outreach, with segments including purchase intent, interests, demographic, income.

Ibotta Audiences collects 100% opt-in shopper data from major retailers including Walmart and Costco. Marketers can buy either syndicated or precision customer segments from Ibotta Audiences, detailing which kind of customer buys which type of products.

Lifesight’s dataset includes over 1.2 billion consumer profiles. Lifesight gathers web data to be used for search intent analysis and audience targeting. Marketers can roll out digital campaigns which match the online behavior of customers in their target segment.

AnalyticsIQ is a consumer marketing data provider. The company’s consumer database, PeopleCore, is primed for cross-channel outreach. Marketers can build segments based on customer demographics, affluence categories and psychological drivers.

Sirdata provides audience data. Sirdata offers over 350 customer segments to be used for targeting and retargeting. The company builds profiles of ‘lookalikes’ and ‘act-alikes’ so that marketers can reach a group of similar customers with one campaign.

OnAudience provides audience data, including segmentation solutions. OnAudience’s 1,200 ready-made segments allows marketers to tailor their communication and target exactly the right customer group.

PreciseTarget is a purchase behavior data provider offering data for lookalike targeting. PreciseTarget’s customer segments cover over 220 million American consumers. The company segments customers based on data collected from over 200 retailers and 2000 brands.

Fifty is a social media data provider. The company offers a proprietary database of audience segments based on customers’ online behavior. This allows businesses to understand exactly which products and brands are popular with different segments.