Top 9 Identity Resolution & Device Graph Providers in the EU

August 14, 2020
Data Expert Lucy
Lucy Kelly Research Analyst at Datarade
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Consumers are interacting with brands across an increasing number of channels. Apps, websites, emails, SMS alerts - businesses are utilizing all of these media touchpoints to engage consumers and improve CRM.

Omnichannel outreach is vital for companies to ensure that their customer communication is consistent. In other words, that they provide the user with the same experience regardless of the touchpoint. Identity resolution is the foundation of omnichannel marketing. To provide consumers with a unified cross-device experience, businesses create customer identity graphs. These graphs explain who the consumer is, and which channels can be used to communicate with them.

But for businesses operating in the EU, stringent data protection regulations make it difficult to create holistic consumer identity graphs. Maintaining accuracy and scale is a further challenge when creating first-party identity graphs.

With GDPR restrictions, how can businesses carry out scalable identity resolution in the EU? How can they launch sophisticated omnichannel campaigns in a privacy-compliant way?

Identity and device graph data providers have developed customer resolution systems which overcome these obstacles. They can provide businesses with identity graphs from across the EU which are technologically-advanced, and 100% consent-managed.

We’ve compiled a list of 9 top identity and device graph data providers from our platform - all privacy-compliant, with millions of verified EU identities per dataset.

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The Top 9 Identity Resolution & Device Graph Providers in the EU

Temelio offers people-based targeting solutions. Based in France, they have identity graph data for over 12 million cross-device profiles across the country. Temelio’s product On2Off Analytics is an attribution service which allows brands, manufacturers and marketers to identify which strand of their omnichannel outreach is generating the most lift, and how they can use Temelio’s identity graph data to optimize personalized consumer outreach.

zeotap is a customer intelligence platform which specializes in identity linkage data. It has a particularly strong EU footprint, covering Germany, France, Spain, the UK, Italy and Switzerland, among others. zeotap onboards first-party identity data (phone numbers and email addresses) with third-party, real-time consumer behavior and demographic data, so marketers can provide personalized experiences unique to the target customer.

Graphinium is a provider offering identity graph data and consumer identity data. Their headquarters is in France, and they offer granular, first-party identity data which is strictly compliant with EU laws. Graphinium’s identity and device graph data can be used to retarget consumers across a range of channels and devices, resulting in a 20-40% increase in campaign reach.

NetID is a service which allows users to create one, secure login and password for a range of online sites. It’s partnered with top German names, including and GMX. NetID provides identity graph data for over 38 million users, gathered exclusively from the EU. As NetID’s identity and device graph data continues to grow in scale, manufacturers and businesses can use NetID’s insights to develop expansive, people-based strategies.

Flashtalking is an independent ad server which both uses and offers identity and device graph data to enhance user experience. They offer global coverage, but have worked with leading EU brands such as British Gas and Vodafone to enable these businesses to create relevant, data-driven omnichannel ad campaigns. Flashtalking’s identity graph and device data makes one-to-one messaging between brand and customer easier and more efficient.

Specializing in identity-based targeting, Liveramp is a data provider with the largest deterministic identity graph on the open internet. They’re based in San Francisco but offer global coverage, with connections to over 300 million devices and 250 online users, including many EU profiles. Liveramp’s identity graph and device data enables marketers and advertisers to personalize, measure campaign success, and streamline customer communications by combining individual-level or household-level data across channels, as well as offline and online interactions.

Tapad provides big data and identity-based targeting solutions. Their identity graph data consists of 1.3 billion users and 3 billion devices from across the world, but they offer data for EU-specific countries, too. Brands, agencies, telcos and platforms use Tapad’s identity graph data to increase the ROI of their ad campaigns by ensuring that their messaging isn’t lost as users switch from one device to another. was founded by digital marketing and advertising experts, and provides identity graph data to others in the field. They’re based in the UK, but gather data points from France and Germany, too. aims to reduce marketers and publishers’ reliance on cookies, and instead offers to create a universal ID which accurately identifies 100% of a website’s users. A clear user identity enables marketers to roll out a customized campaign which is synchronized across all channels.

Lifesight offers identity and device graph data for 51 European countries. A leading real-world intelligence company, Lifesight is partnered with global identity resolution companies like DigitalKites. All of Lifesight’s partners have clear DNT & DNT opt-out mechanisms, so EU businesses can use Lifesight’s customer profiles to roll out omnichannel campaigns in full compliance with GDPR regulations.