Top 7 Identity Graph & Resolution Providers

March 12, 2020
Data Expert Lucy
Lucy Kelly Research Analyst at Datarade
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Understanding people’s online behavior has been a key focus for marketers since the internet took the world by storm. Thanks to today’s rapidly evolving technologies, measuring a device’s interaction with any given website has never been easier. Yet precisely because of these advancements, especially in the martech space, it’s almost as if some of us have forgotten the original focus; we want to target specific audiences, not devices.

In addition to this, since 3rd party cookies look to be disappearing with future browser updates on Chrome, marketers are now looking closely at how to target audiences across various devices.

It’s known that people-based marketing is the new standard, but how do we unify customers across these different touchpoints?

Data aggregators have adapted to this change. The companies have created identity graphs which link one device to another, making it possible to have our messages reach the same audience, whether they are using their tablets, computers, or phones.

Here’s a list of the top identity resolutions platforms that are based on strong identity graphs:

The Top 7 Identity Graph & Resolution Providers

Zeotap is a Customer Intelligence Platform that helps brands understand customers and predict behavior. The company is a well-established name in the data industry, with their solution already enabling over 60 of the top 100 global brands to achieve their marketing goals. Zeotap will advance your 1st party data strategies by helping you to properly identify customers on your domain, build deterministic lookalike audiences, and enhance your algorithms to better predict customer behaviours.

LiveRamp seeks to connect people, devices and data safely and effectively, and with a reach of over 170 million people online, the company boasts one of the world’s largest and most accurate identity graphs. LiveRamp powers a massive omnichannel ecosystem that comprises an immense network of brands, agencies, technology providers, publishers, and data providers. This allows for your data to be deterministically tied to an omnichannel identity, enabling you to reach the audience you’re looking for. Through LiveRamp Safe Haven®, the company automatically applies data protection requirements tailored to your use case and workflow, taking the stress out of managing privacy issues for your goal.

As one of Europe’s leading cross-device technology providers, is dedicated to cracking the key marketing challenges of today that have arised from multi-device ownership and fragmented digital consumer identities. Based on advanced machine learning algorithms,’s “Cross-Device Identity Graph” finds connections between devices to predict which devices belong to the same user. This is to enable your brand to make use of multi-device strategies to better market to consumers and optimally allocate your marketing budget.

Temelio’s goal is to increase the potential of your digital marketing actions by blurring the boundaries between online and offline data. The French company’s ID graph covers the data of millions european Internet-users, with links to all their digital IDs. This will aim to help you use your offline data to personalize and optimize your campaigns, reach precisely the people you want to target with your campaigns, and evaluate the impact of your digital investments on in-store sales.

Tapad is a global leader in digital identity resolution solutions that works to enable marketers around the world to maximize campaign effectiveness and drive business results. The Tapad Graph was one of the first and remains one of the most robust cross-device digital identity graphs on the market, connecting millions of consumers across billions of devices. Tapad works with brands, agencies and platforms to ingest device identifiers from their platforms or data stacks, expanding their graph with new devices at a household or individual level.

Signal aims to make the intersection between brands and consumers more human by enabling true customer intelligence. They do this by connecting real-time actions across both online and offline channels and devices with a persistent customer ID. Signal gives you the ability to structure, collect and organize your first-party data to deliver addressable marketing to your customer, while building a cross-channel, persistent customer profile as a foundation for insight and activation.

Boasting over 50 years of identity experience, Acxiom is a leading provider of consumer and identity graph information. The Acxiom Real Identity™ service is already enabling some of the world’s biggest brands to accurately identify and ethically connect with consumers. The company offers multi-layer insights with the key deliverable benefits of continuity, personalization and privacy compliance in your campaigns. Through their identity resolution services, Acxiom aims to help you target high-value audiences based on a holistic view of the customer across all channels.