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Data Offering

Identify and reach people across all of their digital devices.’s cutting-edge, proprietary Cross-Device technology – compliant with strict European consumer privacy laws – matches devices to people and people to households. A revolutionary approach to smarter user analytics and advertising to optimize marketing spend and user journeys across all digital channels and devices.

Pricing Information provided by has not published pricing information for their data services. This is common practice for data vendors and providers. Contact to obtain current pricing.

Covered Geographies

Americas (1)
United States of America
Europe (2)

Key Differentiators

USP: European privacy compliance. is operating on 100% consented user data.

Certifications & Associations

Logo of ePrivacyseal certification.
Logo of IAB Europe GDPR Transparency & Consent Framework certification.


Cross-Device Identity Data

Use Cases


(i) Remarketing
(ii) Audience Amplification
(iii) Customer Journey Analysis
(iv) Marketing Attribution
(v) Reporting & Insights
(vi) Storytelling
(vii) CRM Nuturing

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