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In 2016, Jeff Clewley and Scott Gordon co-founded Salutary Data. Previously, Jeff and Scott worked together for 6 years at NetProspex. As Technical Co-Founder and SVP of Partnerships, respectively, Jeff and Scott contributed to NetProspex’s growth until it was sold to Dun & Bradstreet in 2015.

Jeff and Scott founded Salutary Data on several principles. Data accuracy is essential; our north star, our reason to be in business. The data industry is a vital sector and there are good people in it. We wanted to continue to participate in it, find a way to give back to it, and serve our customers well.

United States of America

Data Offering

46 Million US B2B Records
100% verified email coverage
23 Million direct-dial phones
4.3 Million mobile phones

……And growing!

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Use Cases

B2B Contact Data:
-Net New Records
-Cleaning & Hygiene
-ABM Matching
B2B Leads
Contact Details
List Acquisition
Demand Generation
Data Revenue Share
Pay Per Lead

Geo Coverage

North America (1)
United States of America

Certifications & Associations

Logo of Business Information Industry Association (BIIA) certification

Data Sources & Collection

We aggregate our data from numerous established B2B compilers and maintain and curate our own house file. We dedupe, standardize, test and verify our database, which is rebuilt and made available quarterly.

Key Differentiators

-Direct-dial phones
-Tier 1 Quality
-Multi-sourced aggregator with white-glove service
-Over 60 Years of combined B2B data experience
-Fair price & flexibility in structuring contracts
-Nimble & accessible

Data Privacy
RE: GDPR - We only have US Data

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