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Credit risk analysis refers to the process of examining a borrower's likelihood to fulfill their debt obligations. Analysts use often credit ratings and other data sources to assign risks to business relationships and investments.
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Credit spread is the credit funding cost for a firm. For many products, credit spread is the major risk driver. Credit spread impacts discounting, default pr...
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Insight View provides unique access to relevant and up-to-date information about companies and sole traders to minimize risks and unlock opportunities for gr...
248 countries covered
Provides B2B data/insights on all companies world over. This Data covers: Firmographic, Financials, AML/Financial Crime/PEP Check/Adverse Media Check, Ru...
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This dataset provides an in-depth view into any specific company’s truck-based supply chain and its relationships with other facilities and companies within...
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RIMES offers comprehensive ETF Holdings, PCF, Creation, Redemption, Pricing basket data directly from source in order to provide superior transparency, data ...
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Analyze businesses (and sectors) water impacts. These include business risks, local impacts, as well as environmental impacts. See description for detailed u... - Predik Data-driven profile banner
Predik Data-driven
Based in USA
Predik Data-driven
We are experts in the collection, extraction, management and analysis of large volumes of all types of data, from alternative and complex sources to traditio...
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RIMES Technologies
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RIMES Technologies
We provide specialist managed data services and regtech solutions to asset managers, owners, servicers and banks worldwide. We deliver cloud-based services t...
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Rubix Data Sciences
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Rubix Data Sciences
Rubix helps you take prudent credit risks, build a robust supply chain & monitor compliance for your business partners. - ESG Analytics Ai profile banner
ESG Analytics Ai
Based in USA
ESG Analytics Ai
Floodlight is a provider of extensive ESG data collections as well as composite materiality scores in ESG. Our customers use this insight to make better inve...
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Bright Query
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Bright Query
BQ’s mission is to provide the most trusted, accurate and up-to-date information about U.S. companies. BQ tracks over 30 million public and private companies...
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