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MediaWallah believes identity data holds the key to the future of marketing. We unlock identity’s potential throughout the ecosystem by providing Marketing Solutions Providers, Data Sources, and Content Publishers with our accurate, extensive, customized, and unique data sets—the building blocks they need to engineer groundbreaking identity capabilities

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Data Offering

MediaWallah is the only identity data company designed to accelerate the enablement of people-based marketing initiatives across the marketing ecosystem. With accurate profiles on hundreds of millions of consumers across channels, platforms, screens,and devices, we offer the identity building blocks you need that sets you apart.

Identity Graph Data


MediaWallah has not published pricing information for their data services. This is common practice for data vendors and providers. Contact MediaWallah to obtain current pricing.

Use Cases

cross device Identity Identity Resolution Onboarding raw data license

Data Sources & Collection

We have direct relationships with publishers, newsletter providers, and mobile apps who license data to us with full rights for usage and resale and we are privacy compliant in all jurisdictions

Data Privacy

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