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DataSpark | ESG, Financial and Alternative Key Metrics for Investment Research 🌱

by DataSpark
designed to empower financial analysis and company valuation, and to enrich investment strategies and research ... A rich dataset of key ESG, Financial and Alternative data to gain an advanced 360° profile of US companies
Available for 1 countries
Starts at
$399 / purchase

Research & Markets: World’s Largest Market Research Store

by Research and Markets
“Accurate market data is crucial to a successful business strategy. ... At Research and Markets, we understand that the research we provide is only as good as the outcome it
Available for 249 countries
6 years of historical data
Starts at
€1,000 / 100000
Free sample available
15% revenue share

ISS ESG Norm-Based Research Data Solution

Data mining triggers in-depth research into ongoing controversies whereby ISS ESG conducts comprehensive ... Data is used by a broad range of institutional investors, asset managers, asset owners, fund managers
Available for 240 countries
Starts at
$10,000 / year

Airbnb data for research purpose

by Airbtics
These are some of the data sets we’ve offered to our previous researcher clients. ... 2021 June Time granularity: Monthly Location granularity: Individual listing Guest Origin data
Available for 249 countries
10 years of historical data
Pricing available upon request

Data Visualization | Market Research | Custom Business Reports

by Wersel Brand Analytics
Brand Performance Industry Insights Audience Demographics (Age, interests, top conversations) Product Research ... Skills and Tools used: Data aggregation Dashboard Creation Query Creation Data analytics platforms Excel
Available for 64 countries
12 months of historical data
Available Pricing:
One-off purchase
Monthly License
Yearly License

Care Homes Database in the UK - by Oscar Research (21k records)

by Oscar Research
Care Homes provide a residential setting for people that require 24 hour care. The majority of Care Homes provide services for older people, but some offer services to Children and those with Menta...
Available for 1 countries
21.4K Contact Records
Starts at
£1,750 / year
Free sample available

DataForSEO Labs API for keyword research and search analytics, real-time data for all Google locations

by DataForSEO
DataForSEO Labs API supplies data for keyword research, market-specific analysis, and competitor research ... DataForSEO Labs API offers three powerful keyword research algorithms and historical keyword data: •
Available for 249 countries
2K API calls per minute
8 months of historical data
Starts at
$1.10 / 10,000 keywords
Free sample available

US Options Data Packages for Trading, Research, Education & Sentiment

by Intrinio
Power your options trading, research, education, and sentiment with easy-to-understand packages designed ... These fees are the same no matter what data provider you use.
Available for 1 countries
Pricing available upon request

DataSpark | Advanced Alternative & ESG Data Platform for Investment Research 🌱

by DataSpark
Get access to the most advanced Alternative & ESG Data Platform designed to empower investment research ... DataSpark is a financial and investment research cloud platform that gives access to a universe of alternative
Available for 64 countries
Pricing available upon request

FACTSET News & Research Data (Global Coverage) - Real-time Market & Financial Intelligence

offers real-time news on the factors that affect markets and research that pulls in data from many trusted ... Skim market synopses, top stories, economic data, your portfolio news, and most-read web stories.
Available for 240 countries
Pricing available upon request - Blue Mail Media profile banner
Blue Mail Media
Based in USA
Blue Mail Media
Blue Mail Media's customized data marketing solutions will help businesses to thrive good results and achieve better ROI of marketing campaigns.
10 Yrs
Clients Served
Business Records - Market Inside Data profile banner
Market Inside Data
Based in United Kingdom
Market Inside Data
Our Database Contains: • 220+ Countries’ Global Trade Data • 100+ Million Importer-Exporter Shipment Records • 60+ Million Import-Export Companies • 40+ ...
2M +
Trade Data - Brain Company profile banner
Brain Company
Based in Italy
Brain Company
BRAIN is a Research Company that creates proprietary datasets and algorithms for investment strategies, combining experience on financial markets with strong...
NLP Platform - Axiom EMI profile banner
Axiom EMI
Based in United Kingdom
Axiom EMI
Axiom EMI is a highly experienced research and advisory firm focussed on the global offshore energy markets. Our service integrates the O&G space with offsho...
Offshore Platforms
Subsea equipment structures
Upcoming Project Opportunities - Reklaim profile banner
Based in USA
Reklaim is the only company in the world allowing consumers control and transparency on their data. With an ecosystem of 150+ million profiles, when purchasi...
Coverage - Accutrend profile banner
Based in USA
All of our core functions remain in-house- providing an immense level of control and flexibility. We own our data and harvest it directly from the source, en...
500,000 +

The Ultimate Guide to Research Data 2022

Learn about research data analytics, sources, and collection.

Market research data is data on markets or customers that primarily helps to identify target markets and the factors that determine the demand of products and services. Without it, the preferences and tendencies of a particular market segment or population would be obscure at best. By collecting and analyzing client demographics, as well as data on their needs, habits, and interests, a company can assess customer satisfaction, identify market gaps, or forecast sales trends. It is also a great tool for sizing up the competition and maintaining a competitive advantage. Research methods include focus groups, in-depth interviews, customer surveys, and the analysis of secondary data sourced from company records, websites, and (printed) communication, and also from government publications, newspapers, magazines, and journals.

These are 10 common data attributes of market research data

  • Customer profiles (demographic and firmographic)
  • Customer attitude (rankings, ratings, preferences, satisfaction levels)
  • Customer feedback (experience, gaps)
  • Industry data (new products, trends of the market, projections)
  • Advertising effects (persuasiveness, message)
  • Ethnographic (habits, triggers, context)
  • Pricing (competitors prices, consumer spending)
  • Brand awareness (recall, recognition, identity, trust)
  • Company and competitor information (annual reports, directories, rankings)
  • Regional specificities (reach, context, demographics)

Top five use cases

  • Monitor the competition and industry trends
  • Develop optimal strategies for promotion and product placement
  • Test interest in new products, services, or businesses
  • Discover and develop new markets through industry analytics
  • Improve aspects of business to meet the preferences, purchasing habits, and income level of clients

Sources and data collection

This data can be sourced from:
  • The web and social media (session and first-party cookies, search trends, social media sentiment)
  • Industry and market data (polls, charts, and records)
  • Newspapers, magazines, journals (new products, market trends, and projections)
  • Company and competitor information (annual reports, directories, rankings)
  • Government publications (industries’ financial performances, economic analysis)

A firm has to decide whether the market research data needs to be acquired through primary or secondary research. When the topic has been adequately researched, secondary market research data can be utilized. If the data doesn’t exist, the firm has to invest in focus groups, in-depth interviews, customer surveys, polls or any of the other research methods, depending on whether the data needs to provide in-depth answers and insights or needs to be easily quantifiable.

Where can I buy Research Data?

Data providers and vendors listed on Datarade sell Research Data products and samples. Popular Research Data products and datasets available on our platform are DataSpark | ESG, Financial and Alternative Key Metrics for Investment Research 🌱 by DataSpark, Research & Markets: World’s Largest Market Research Store by Research and Markets, and ISS ESG Norm-Based Research Data Solution by ISS ESG.

How can I get Research Data?

You can get Research Data via a range of delivery methods - the right one for you depends on your use case. For example, historical Research Data is usually available to download in bulk and delivered using an S3 bucket. On the other hand, if your use case is time-critical, you can buy real-time Research Data APIs, feeds and streams to download the most up-to-date intelligence.

What are similar data types to Research Data?

Research Data is similar to Telecom Data, AI & ML Training Data, Automotive Data, Cyber Risk Data, and IoT Data. These data categories are commonly used for Marketing Strategy.

What are the most common use cases for Research Data?

The top use cases for Research Data are Marketing Strategy.