Supply Chain Monitoring

Supply Chain Monitoring refers to the activity of tracking the journey of enterprises’ assets to their origin. A data-driven approach that uses industry benchmarks and supply chain performance data helps companies detect supply risks and optimize their supply partnerships.
Our Data Partners
Rubix B2B Risk Assessment & Monitoring Solutions (All Countries) 248 countries covered icon
248 countries covered
Provides B2B data/insights and early warning signals on all companies world over. This Data covers: Firmographic, Financials, AML/Financial Crime/PEP Check...
Accern - COVID-19 Insights & Analytics for US companies (AI powered, NLP, web data) USA covered icon
USA covered
Accern - COVID-19 Insights & Analytics for US companies (AI powered, NLP, web data) 5 months of historical data icon
5 months of historical data
The dataset measures company, sector, and regional exposures to COVID-19 as seen in digital media content such as news & blogs. This can be used to understan...
Global Current Conditions Estimator 249 countries covered icon
249 countries covered
The Near Real-Time Global Estimate/Current Conditions Estimator Product: This service combines the most recent land, sea and space observations with rapid...
MariTrace Vessel Routing - find a route & movement for a vessel from point A to B 249 countries covered icon
249 countries covered
Finds a route for a vessel from any point on the earth's oceans, or a port, to any other point.
CurrentConditions WMO/Synoptic 249 countries covered icon
249 countries covered
Features current condition descriptions for 4,000 locations worldwide, 1,950 of which are unique locations (ie, not shared ICAO locations).
Current Conditions(ICAO/METAR) 249 countries covered icon
249 countries covered
Current conditions available for 4,300 locations worldwide. Updated every 30-60 minutes, or as updated by the reporting station. - Accern profile banner
Based in USA
Researchers, business analysts, data science teams, and developers use Accern to build and deploy finance specific AI use cases powered by adaptive NLP. Alli... - MariTrace profile banner
Based in United Kingdom
We process trillions of maritime data points (including AIS data) to measure how vessels and cargos move around the world. From assessing risk to understandi...
Vessel signals per hour
Commercial vessels tracked
Vessel port calls logged - CustomWeather profile banner
Based in USA
We provide industry-leading weather solutions to a wide range of industries that value quality, customer service, and data accuracy. As a leader in technolog...
Over 80K
20 Years
of Industry Leadership - Rubix Data Sciences profile banner
Rubix Data Sciences
Based in India
Rubix Data Sciences
Rubix Data Sciences is a data provider offering B2B Leads Data, Firmographic Data, Business Ownership Data, Corporate Credit Rating Data, and 9 others. They ...