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S&P 500 2021 News Dataset

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Feb 2022
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We have built a cutting-edge news system involving tracking hundreds of thousands of news sources, social media, and NGOs. We track c.50 ESG news topics including SASB themes and UN SDGs and a few other important ESG themes such as Modern Slavery and Gender Equality.

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10 Xxxxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxx xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx xxxxx Xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx xxxxxxxx Xxxxx xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx Xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx Xxxxx xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx xxxxx Xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx
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