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We provide companies with an advanced data collection and enrichment tool. We have a number of predefined and collected datasets or you can define you own based on publicly available data and we can collect, structure and enrich it.


Data Offering

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Pricing is based on number of input streams and data volume. Contact us for more information.

Geo Coverage

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Data Sources & Collection

We can collect data from any 3rd party public data source from websites, open APIs, files, images and other sources. We have a predictive web scraper and other collection toos. Our platform ensures every data stream is cleaned, enriched and linked before it is exposed. The system ensures complete flexibility to build complex data streams based on public and 1st party sources.

Key Differentiators

We have an advanced system to collect, clean, enrich and enhance data from public sources to ensure our customers gets the highest quality data available.

We implement continuously data streams so you can react to changes without delays in data input.

We use a complex data governance framework to ensure you have full control over the data collection methodologies, allowed usages and more.

Data Privacy

We have a complex data governance system that allows our customers to control how each data item is gathered, apply governance on geospatial signals. Data can be extracted by policy and region to ensure compliance.


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