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Best Data for Fraud Prevention

Fraud prevention is the process of avoiding business relationships and transactions that could potentially lead to a loss in money or brand image. Businesses often use data about customers' previous actions and identity to protect themselves from potential fraudulent actors.

Top Data Products for Fraud Prevention

Find the right dataset, API, or database for Fraud Prevention.

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Fraud Score

by Matrixian Group
Customers are good, but paying customers are better. A customer who does not pay (enough) costs money. We have a huge database that easily gives you insight into the fraud risk with orders from you...
Use CaseFraud Management, Fraud Prevention + 1 more
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TowerData Email Activity Data

by TowerData
TowerData's Email Activity Data API includes almost 1B unique events monthly. Fields include "date first seen" for the email address (dating back to 2008), "velocity", "longevity" and "popularity"...
Use CaseFraud Prevention
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Corporate Bulk Data

by Global Database
Global Database Corporate Bulk Data provides you with loads of corporate data profiles, all structured according to your needs. As the holder of data, you can use them in a series of allowed purpos...
Use CaseFraud Prevention
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Top Data Providers for Fraud Prevention

Compare the best vendors offering data for Fraud Prevention.

Based in United Kingdom

Global Database is the world leader in Company Intelligence for 34 industry verticals and 195 countries worldwide.

Based in United States of America

TowerData's proprietary data and APIs provide the industry's deepest name/postal/email database, unique email activity metrics, strong device ID data and fast email validation technology. Trusted b...

Based in Netherlands

Matrixian Group is a data technology company that has a lot of consumer, real estate, mobility and logistics data. By connecting the characteristics of people, households, companies and objects wit...

Popular Data Types Used for Fraud Prevention

Explore the most commonly used data types for Fraud Prevention.