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Aquagenuity uses big data to help consumers, corporations and smart cities track hyperlocal water quality and monitor water’s impact on health and sustainability. Aquagenuity has been recognized by the New York Times, Forbes, IBM, Softbank, BMW Mini’s Urban-X, TechCrunch, WIRED Magazine, and on Google’s homepage for helping consumers, corporations and cities find out: “What’s In Your Water?” in real-time from any smart device. In 2020, Aquagenuity launched the Water Genome Project™ to map all the world’s water city-by-city, using data to bridge the gap in the last mile between the water treatment plant and every home’s tap.

Aquagenuity is leading the charge to provide a key data set to improve real estate stakeholders’ ability to more accurately measure and report on health and sustainability in residential and work environments.

United States of America

Data Offering

Similar to school performance data, we provide the only up-to-date drinking water quality data available down to the zip code level. The data is scored on a 0-100 scale and ranked by state to make it easy to understand. It also includes information on the health impacts of the contaminants found in drinking water.

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Monthly and Yearly subscriptions available. Custom plans also available.

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Use Cases

Similar to school performance data, real estate brokers can use this data to enhance their home listings and improve customer satisfaction.

Market Research Real Estate Weather Forecasting

Geo Coverage

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United States of America

Data Sources & Collection

Publicly available drinking water quality data as reported by local public water services

Key Differentiators

A single source for regularly updated water testing
Ranking by zip code making it easy to compare
Health impacts by contaminant

Data Privacy

There is no PII data available.

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