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Atoka is the latest SpazioDati product which, thanks to Big Data and semantics, collects detailed information on 6 million companies in Italy and 4 million companies in the United Kingdom.

Atoka allows you to create and extract extremely precise and targeted “customer lists”, minimizing the information asymmetry that marketing managers and sales managers often face when undertaking a business development campaign.

Atoka provides companies with all the information on potential targets, as well as for monitoring the evolution of the market and competitors. In other words, it facilitates B2B lead generation and allows access to a daily updated database of 6 million Italian companies and 4 million British companies, thanks to the partnership with Cerved Group.

No other provider in Italy is able to support such numbers, the accuracy and freshness of the data are critical success factors: with 500 million web pages and 70 thousand news items analyzed, Atoka allows Sales and Marketing Intelligence actions never seen before in the Italian market.


Data Offering

Company DataB2B Contact DataFirmographic DataB2B Leads Data


Atoka offers you several plans, choose the one that best suits your business needs!
Enterprise plans offer additional data and features tailored to big companies: talk to us!

Use Cases


  • Who is your prospect? Atoka searches through social networks, blogs and the press to let you find a common ground for conversation with your prospects.
  • A database of 6 million companies, 13 million directors and mangers, 1 million corporate websites, more than 70 thousand news items/day.


  • Say goodbye to cold calls and blind emails and leverage Atoka’s rich company profiles to add a personal touch to your conversations with prospects.
  • Atoka enhances your relations with customers and adds value to the data available in your CRM via its APIs.


  • Take faster and more accurate data-driven decisions using several analytical tools combined in a single solution.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your competitive arena, develop an in-depth knowledge of the sector you work in and keep an eye on recent trends.
  • Analyse industry sectors using Atoka’s company website searches and semantic keywords to identify new players, specific sub-sectors and emerging clusters that cannot be found using traditional classifications such as SIC or NACE codes.
  • Build precisely targeted lists to setup highly personalized marketing campaigns.


  • Use Atoka to translate marketing strategies into concrete actions.
  • Segment your targets better and enhance the effectiveness of your campaigns using data on the organisation, the business, financial performance and web activity that is always up to date.
  • Power up your in-bound web and email campaigns with quality contextual data to better qualify leads.

Geo Coverage

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Certifications & Associations

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Data Sources & Collection

The data behind Atoka: Authoritative and non-authoritative sources
The Register of Companies, envisaged by the Civil Code, was fully implemented by the Law 580/1993 concerning the reorganisation of the Chambers of Commerce and by the subsequent implementing Regulations, and its operation is entrusted to the Chambers of Commerce. The data indicated in Atoka as “Cerved source” originates from Cerved Group S.p.A., one of the official distributors for the Register of Companies of the Chambers of Commerce. These data are corrected, supplemented and enhanced by the daily work of Cerved analysts.

The data that we indicate with the tag “Web source”, such as website and social media addresses as well as keywords, originate from public sources (websites, social media channels, etc) scanned by automated programs that use algorithms very similar to those of common search engines (e.g. Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc). This data is then corrected, supplemented and enhanced by Atoka’s editorial team and by its users.

Atoka uses Big Data technologies and it applies a series of data transformation processes based on Machine Learning techniques: a complex data curation process performed by Atoka on billions of different data points coming from various data sources.

Key Differentiators

Complex and ever-changing data

The most reliable quality data is like a picture of a starry sky. When you take the photograph it captures the reality of the moment but after only a fraction of a second that reality has changed. The position of the stars above the horizon, their brightness, the clouds in the sky… Data changes constantly – as you read these lines there are new businesses being founded, changing their sites, activity, directors, …

That’s why we monitor more than 200,000 significant changes in the core data every week. Atoka triangulates data from several sources, in order to at least double check its quality.

Data Privacy


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