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FactSquared, Inc provides fully automated voice and video transcription and analysis services. Current coverage includes earnings calls for most U.S. public companies, all open congressional hearings, public regulatory hearings, and executive branch events. Utilizing a proprietary platform to transform video, audio, PDFs, images and raw text into highly structured, faceted data, FactSquared makes these artifacts instantly searchable both in full text and with context keywords. FactSquared can enable you to unlock the potential of your company or organization’s assets and research, in realtime, to find the answer you need. By utilizing state-of-the-art machine learning and neural networks, FactSquared goes a step further, creating a model of a particular topic or person, letting you predict what a person might say or do, based on the collected wisdom of all the information fed into the model.

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Use Cases

FactSquared provides alternative data for use by hedge funds, equity analysts, investor relations executives, political campaigns and public relations firms for research purposes.

FactSquared also licenses its earnings transcripts, congressional testimony, executive branch transcripts, and regulatory hearings to media, politics and financial clients for internal use or re-publication.

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