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Looking for the best Research Data provider for your business? Find reviews for Ipsos left by Datarade users, and compare Ipsos’ data products and performance to the most popular competitors and alternatives. 42matters, Accutrend Data, Accern, and RIWI are the top competitors and alternatives to Ipsos.

Top Alternatives to Ipsos

Top 10 Competitors & Alternatives to Ipsos


Based in Switzerland

42matters is a leading provider of mobile app intelligence and app market insights. This includes insight into Google Play, the Apple App Store, Amazon App Store, Tencent Appstore, AppleTV tvOS Ap...

Accutrend Data

Based in USA

All of our core functions remain in-house- providing an immense level of control and flexibility. We own our data and harvest it directly from the source, ensuring the data's pristine condition, wh...


Based in USA

Researchers, business analysts, data science teams, and developers use Accern to build and deploy finance specific AI use cases powered by adaptive NLP. Allianz, IBM, and Jefferies are utilizing Ac...


Based in Canada

RIWI is a global technology company that provides access to fast-changing consumer and citizen sentiment in any country in the world, including China. Our platform provides accurate and real-time d...


Based in USA

DataPulse provides the primary revenue indicator for cloud-based offerings - enterprise adoption. Census level datasets are global & answer these questions for covered entities: Who are paying cust...


Based in USA

In a world of information overload, Yewno uses artificial intelligence to create knowledge from structured and unstructured data, linking and mapping concepts for levels of never-before insight. Th...


Based in Switzerland

A pioneer and leader in ESG data science, RepRisk is the only ESG research provider to leverage advanced machine learning together with human intelligence

Brain Company

Based in Italy

BRAIN is a Research Company that creates proprietary datasets and algorithms for investment strategies, combining experience on financial markets with strong competences in Statistics, Machine Lear...


Based in USA

The Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED) is a disaggregated conflict analysis and crisis mapping project. ACLED is the highest quality, most widely used, realtime data and analysis ...
African Financial & Economic Data (AFED) provides detailed economic and financial intelligence on all 54 African economies to all interested parties to make good political, financial, strategic and...

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42matters, Accutrend Data, Accern, RIWI , DataPulse, Yewno, RepRisk, Brain Company, ACLED Data, and African Financial & Economic Data