Data Health CheckUp


RampedUp helps marketers that are seeing their efforts generate poorer responses over time and do not understand why. Our experience tells us the reasons are mostly due to the impact of contact data decay. We wrote this article to help them understand why that me be case and this post to help them understand how their marketing data became dirty in the first place.

Validation and Enrichment

RampedUp validates email addresses in real-time and provides up to 60 pieces of detailed information on our contacts. This helps for better segmentation and targeted communication. Here are 10 reasons why people validate and enrich their data.

Personal to Professional

We can find professional information from people that complete online forms with their personal email address. This helps identify and qualify inbound leads. Here are 4 additional reasons to bridge the B2C / B2B gap.


By combining email and contact validation – RampedUp can identify harmful contact records within your database. This will improve inbox placement and deliverability. Here is a blog post on the High Risk of Catch All Email servers.


RampedUp can identify the old records in your database and inform you where they are working today. This is a great way to find old customers that have moved to a new company. We wrote this blog post on how to engage old customers and get them back in the fold.

Opt-In Compliance

We can help you identify the contacts within your database that are protected by international Opt-In Laws such as the GDPR, CASL, and CCPA. We wrote this article to share how GDPR is impacting sales and marketing efforts.

Do you miss any important information?

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