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Switzerland covered
20 years of historical data
Granular dataset on the properties held in inventory by real estate funds, incl. details on the properties’ location, acquisition cost, market value, rental ...
20K records
99% match rate
249 countries covered
Providing a comprehensive suite of real estate data sources and analytics to businesses looking to gain valuable insights into the property market. Our data...
249 countries covered
It’s easy to monitor the Real Estate market with web scraping. You can easily Scrape Real Estate data like Agents, Brokers, listings, Apartments, Mortgages, ...
50M records
99% Accuracy
106 countries covered
Zyte delivers data through user-friendly APIs and data feeds. You can also customize your data needs with the Zyte data solutions team, who can provide tailo...
Netherlands covered
As a data technology company, we possess a large amount of real estate data. This includes detailed real estate characteristics, constructional information, ...
240M records
100% match rate
USA covered
Our lists come with the option to add cell phone numbers, landlines and emails. No need to skip trace our lists, you can start marketing to your list instantly! - Matrixian profile banner
Based in Netherlands
By combining our international data sources with smart technology and expertise, we provide our customers with valuable insights, products and API's that ena...
169 countries mapped
+ 500 mln
Objects in our database
24 TB
24 TB data collected yearly - Huq Industries profile banner
Huq Industries
Based in United Kingdom
Huq Industries
Huq Industries publishes data across themes derived from its first-party mobility data. Our verified and compliant data helps professionals in financial serv...
Verified data accuracy
Data is updated daily
Fine geographic detail - IMPACTIN profile banner
Based in France
IMPACTIN provides ESG Impact rating and reporting solutions for Sustainable Finance and Smart Cities or Territories: ESG impact rating and Climate Change rat...
Key ESG impact KPIs measured
Countries rated
Territories rated - Donuka profile banner
Based in USA
Donuka, Inc. is a provider of US real estate data. We collect and update millions of residential and commercial property records every day.
new records daily - ProspectNow profile banner
Based in USA
ProspectNow™ gives you accurate and reliable property information, such as owner, sales, loan, comps, and predictive analytics. Includes detailed and valuab... - Datacie profile banner
Based in Switzerland
Datacie is an AI company specializing in extracting precise data points from unstructured data sources, crafting traditional & alternative datasets tailored ...