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Our Data Partners
Real Estate API
by ProspectNow
1 country covered
10 years of historical data
ProspectNow’s real-time residential property information API allows you to incorporate the most current, accurate real estate data in your own apps and softw...
Real Estate Data
by Matrixian Group
Matrixian Group
1 country covered
As a data technology company, we possess a large amount of real estate data. This includes detailed real estate characteristics, constructional information, ...
1K properties details
100% reliable sources
240 countries covered
We will provide high-quality leads or property information for real estate investors. Get sellers and properties data based on specific characteristics: lo...
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Matrixian Group
Based in Netherlands
Matrixian Group
Matrixian Group is a data technology company that has a lot of consumer, real estate, mobility and logistics data. By connecting the characteristics of peopl...
169 countries mapped
+ 500 mln
Objects in our database
24 TB
24 TB data collected yearly - Algoly profile banner
Based in USA
Mix & match data points from multiple data provider to create one unified and harmonized data stream. Pay only for what you are using. - Airbtics profile banner
Based in United Kingdom
We use a rigorous scientific approach to collect and process the data and validate them on a scale using qualitative research and AI.
6 Million
Airbnb Data
Countries Covered
customised regions
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