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Best Data for Urban Planning

Urban planning is the governmental process that aims to optimize the infrastructure and land usage in cities. Municipalities use data-driven strategies to plan transportation, communications, and distribution networks that benefit to the growth of urban areas and societies.

Top Data Products for Urban Planning

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GTFS data manager

by Wikiroutes
User-friendly editing tool to operate the database of public transit routes and convert them into GTFS data. Allows database versions, provides analytical tools and access to transit network modell...
History10 years of past data available
Use CaseGeofencing, Urban Mobility Analysis + 1 more
Available Pricing:
One-off purchase
Yearly license
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Top Data Providers for Urban Planning

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Based in Russian Federation

WikiRoutes is a Public Transit Platform that provides data worldwide. Database contains key information for ITS (Route and stops attribution, Transport types, Time Schedule, Public transport fea...

Popular Data Types Used for Urban Planning

Explore the most commonly used data types for Urban Planning.