Urban Planning

Urban planning is the governmental process that aims to optimize the infrastructure and land usage in cities. Municipalities use data-driven strategies to plan transportation, communications, and distribution networks that benefit to the growth of urban areas and societies.
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14M per country/month on average
53 countries covered
12 years of history data
Information about POI segments and their popularity or visitor frequency can be correlated with other open datasets to better understand the functional areas...
GTFS data manager
by Wikiroutes
10 years of history data
User-friendly editing tool to operate the database of public transit routes and convert them into GTFS data. Allows database versions, provides analytical to...
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Based in Switzerland
The better we understand the way we move, the better we can build cities, mobility services and transportation systems to meet our needs. Teralytics offer...
Based in Russia
WikiRoutes is a Public Transit Platform that provides data worldwide. Database contains key information for ITS (Route and stops attribution, Transport ty...
> 1.6K
cities covered
3M users
per month
5M stops
Based in Germany
Kuwala enables data teams to use the power of location data through seamless integration via API.
Free Requests
50 Million
Monthly Data Points
POI Segments
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