Vessel Tracking

Vessel tracking refers to monitoring the movement of ships and cargo. Companies use often marine traffic data e.g. in managing assets, and detecting illegal activities. Done correctly, vessel tracking helps companies have a near real-time view over their vessels around the seas.
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Vessel routing
by MariTrace
249 countries covered
Finds a route for a vessel from any point on the earth's oceans, or a port, to any other point.
590K vessels
249 countries covered
Choose coordinates and radius around the area that you require to monitor and track all maritime traffic around the selected area. Get real-time tracking dat...
1.7M Records per hour
249 countries covered
6 years of historical data
Live or historic vessel / ship position data
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Based in United Kingdom
We process trillions of maritime data points (including AIS data) to measure how vessels and cargos move around the world. From assessing risk to understandi...
Vessel signals per hour
Commercial vessels tracked
Vessel port calls logged - Datalastic profile banner
Based in Netherlands
1 API key to access full maritime database in less than 5 minutes. Choose your plan, subscribe, and receive your maritime API key by email.
Vessels in the database
Servers Up-time
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