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Real-Time Location Data

Real-time location data is used to track objects or people in real-time. It has many different uses, from food delivery services, to finding goods in warehouses. Datarade helps you find the best real-time location datasets and APIs.

Top Real-Time Location Data APIs, Datasets, and Databases

Find the top commercial Real-Time Location Data sets, feeds and streams.

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Location Data

by Solipay
high-frequency latitude and longitude identified by SHA-256 encrypted email addresses
Use CaseAlternative Investment, Location Analytics + 1 more
Available Pricing:
Monthly license
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Location & Address Data

by Matrixian Group
We have a location database in which every address in the globe can be found. From more than 1.8 billion addresses and households we provide detailed information about the geo coordinates, the surr...
Volume1.8T addresses
+ 246 others
Use CaseData Enrichment, Location Visualization + 3 more
Pricing available upon request
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Data Appeal API

by The Data Appeal Company
The world’s most advanced POI and location data. Tap into our data lake on-demand and integrate our data with your business intelligence applications and platforms.
Volume130 Online Sources Monitored, 300 Million Pieces of Online Content Analyzed Each Day
United Kingdom
+ 48 others
Use CaseCustomer Insights, Competitor Insights + 3 more
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Top Real-Time Location Data Providers, Vendors, and Companies

Find the top Real-Time Location Data aggregators, suppliers, and firms.

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Based in United Kingdom

The Local Data Company is the UK’s most accurate location insight company. We track openings and closures activity of every retail and leisure business spanning across the country. Our data, analyt...

Based in United States of America

Reveal Mobile is a leader in location-based analytics, audiences, and foot traffic attribution. Customizable reporting helps enterprises, brands and agencies easily understand the audiences that vi...

Based in United States of America

Our goal is to create a living map for your life. We are building the infrastructure of tomorrow by understanding the places we go today. With our network, the X-Mode platform gives us the power to...

Based in Singapore

Lifesight is a data & analytics company specializing in real world intelligence. We collect, enrich and distribute high quality online and offline consumer behavioural data to help companies make b...

Based in Denmark

We provide companies with an advanced data collection and enrichment tool. We have a number of predefined and collected datasets or you can define you own based on publicly available data and we ca...

Based in United Kingdom

Tamoco provides first party mobile geospatial data to understand people movement, store visits and other physical world behaviours.

Based in France

Mobile location DaaS provider helping companies and organizations to understand the behavior of mobile users in the real world.

Based in United States of America

Intuizi, is a cost-effective, easy-to-use platform that turns real-time smartphone signals into ownable, actionable assets and insights that companies can analyze virtually 100% of smartphone devic...

Based in United Arab Emirates

IQ data is a data provider offering Location Data, SDK Location Data, and Real-Time Location Data. They are headquartered in United Arab Emirates. IQ data offers datasets in countries such as Afgha...

The Ultimate Guide to Real-Time Location Data 2020

Learn everything about Real-Time Location Data. Understand data sources, popular use cases, and data quality.

What is Real-Time Location Data?

A sub-category of location data, real-time location data is used to automatically identify and track the geo-location of people or objects, but exactly as it happens (real-time). This data can provide an incredibly specific location which means it has many different uses.

How is Real-Time Location Data collected?

There is a wide variety of systems than can be used to collect real-time location data.
Wifi routers and Bluetooth beacon are often used, especially with to track mobile phones and connected devices, to locate people in particular.
Real-time location data can also be collected by radio beacons, infrared and ultrasound among other methods.
The numerous different ways of collecting this data means it can be used for many different jobs.

What are the attributes of Real-Time Location Data?

A real-time location dataset could have many different attributes so make sure you pick the one that is most suited to your names. Common parts of one of these datasets might include:
Basic information - The basic information provided will be longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates, device IDs and timestamps. It may also include IP addresses, country codes and publisher IDs.
POIs - Prepackaged or specific points of interest (POIs) can provide information as to how many people are at these locations at any given time which allows you to tailor your services, such as marketing campigns.
Custom segments - some datasets may also provide custom segments so that you can target an additional location of your choice.

What is Real-Time Location Data used for?

Real-time location data has a whole host of uses.
It could be used to identify objects in a warehouse to allow the streamlining of your delivery packaging process or it might be used to track a shipment while it is en route.
When it comes to the real-time location data of people, there are even more uses. You can use it for food delivery services or taxi services. Often it is used by companies to tailor advertising campaigns to target people who are nearby.

How can a user assess the quality of Real-Time Location Data?

The best real-time location datasets will be, as the name suggests, updated constantly and consistently! This is important because, as with any kind of location and movement data, the individual’s geospatial position will be changing all the time. Having historical location data to enrich your real-time location dataset may also be useful as you can use this to identify trends and patterns in consumer movement. Always make sure to read a data provider’s reviews before buying and ask for a data sample before you purchase to ensure that their data matches your business’ needs. For example, if you’re looking for real-time location data in the US, it’s no good buying from a location data provider who only has data for Europe.

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