Location-based Advertising

Location-based advertising works by using geolocation data from consumers' mobile phones to trigger timely and targeted ads. The ads can be traditional, like billboards in places with high footfall rates, or digital, like pop-ups which appear when a consumer enters a given area.
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Our Data Partners
Condition-Based Advertising
by Weather Source
249 countries covered
Automatically deploy marketing and messaging based on preset weather conditions.
Raw Location Data
by start.io
2 years of history data
Mobile location GPS data with timestamp and ADID, sourced from our proprietary SDK, cleaned, filtered and structured.
300M records
2 countries covered
An online data pioneer, Datonics has been a leader in providing data to ad networks and DSPs since the birth of the programmatic industry and is today the la...
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Based in USA
Datonics was the first company to deliver third party audience data to programmatic platforms. Over the past decade, we have developed extensive relationship...
Based in USA
Start.io is a mobile data platform. Start.io (formerly StartApp) enables organizations to uncover insights and make data-driven decisions that enhance strate...
SDK Downloads
Reveal Mobile
Based in USA
Reveal Mobile is a leader in location-based analytics, audiences, and foot traffic attribution. Customizable reporting helps enterprises, brands and agencies...
POI Locations in US and CAN
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