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105 Million Hashed Emails
100% Raw Email Match Rate
USA covered
Over 100 million hashed emails (HEM) linked to raw emails, mobile numbers, personal addresses, person's names, and more. Get access to our highly unique ...
USA covered
Ingest TrueData's Full Identity Graph (UID2.0, HEM, Maid, AAID) to build derivative products.
100 Million
2 countries covered
Reklaim redefines the consumer relationship by providing consumers access, control, and compensation for their data. Currently, Reklaim has over 1,600 determ...
USA covered
The Data Group's Total Mobile Ad IDs solution provides the MAIDs and hashed email pairs to fuel strategies across digital marketing channels
3 countries covered Public Cross-Device Identity Graph is a Cross-Device data product that covers data deduplication plus device enrichment.