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Deeply Parent-Child Vocal Interaction Dataset

A dataset by Deeply
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Deeply Parent-Child Vocal Interaction Dataset


232 Hours of Audio
360,000 records
109 GB

Use Cases

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Machine Learning (ML)
Automatic Speech Recognition
Room Acoustics


Asia (1)
Korea (Republic of)


Product Description

□ Recording contents A parent and his/her child interacting(singing children’s songs, reading fairytales, conversing, …) □ Recording environments Anechoic Chamber (no reverb), Studio apartment (moderate reverb), Dance studio (high reverb) □ Device iPhone X (iOS), Samsung Galaxy S7 (Android) □ Distance from the source 0.4m, 2.0m, 4.0m □ Volume ~ 282 hours, ~ 360,000 utterances, ~ 109 GB □ Format wav(44100Hz, 16-bit, mono), or h5(16000Hz, 16-bit, mono) □ Language Korean □ Demographics 24 parents, with 17% males and 83% females, and 12.5% parents are in 20s, 62.5% in 30s, and 25% in 40s. 24 children, with 46% males and 54% females, and 21% children are in the age group of 1-2, 54% in 3-4, and 25% in 5-6. The interaction of 24 pairs of parent and child(total 48 speakers), such as reading fairy tales, singing children’s songs, conversing, and others, is recorded. The recordings took place in 3 different types of places, which are an anechoic chamber, studio apartment, and dance studio, of which the level of reverberation differs. And in order to examine the effect of the distance of mic from the source and device, every experiment is recorded at 3 distinct distances with 
2 types of smartphone, iPhone X, and Galaxy S7. The Family interaction dataset consists of 281.3 hours of audio clips of the different types of interactions between a parent and his/her child. The participants are encouraged to record repetitively in all 3 types of place (anechoic chamber, studio apartment, dance studio), and every recording is conducted systematically at 3 ordinal distances(0.4m, 2.0m, 4.0m) with 2 types of device(iPhone X and Galaxy S7). The dataset also includes metadata such as a speaker, age, sex, noise, type of place, distance, and device. The type of utterances is categorized as follow: that of the parents is categorized into 3 groups, ‘singing’, ‘reading’, and ‘other utterances’, the singing category includes singing a children’s song and a lullaby, and other utterances literally contain all the other utterances than reading and singing, mostly spontaneous speech with his/her child. However, that of children is categorized into 5 groups, ‘singing’, ‘reading’, ‘crying', ‘refusing', and ‘other utterances’. Children’s singing category also includes singing a children’s song and a lullaby, refusing is an utterance caused when the children didn’t like the subject, wanted to do different stuff, or so, and other utterances are same as the parents. The impulse responses of each type of place are available upon request.

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