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US National Real Estate Property & Assessment Data (157+ Million Property Records)

The Warren Group
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Million Properties
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.csv, .xls, and .txt

Data Dictionary

Product Attributes
Attribute Type Example Mapping
Physical Property Address
123 Main St
Assessment Values
Tax Amounts
Building Characteristics
# of Bedrooms
Property Characteristics
Roof Type


For 150 years, The Warren Group has been the leading provider of Real Estate Data in the US. We were the first company to recognize the importance of real estate data.
Over 157 million property records in the US. Fields Include: - Current Ownership (include mailing addresses) - Physical Property Address - Last Sale & Mortgage Data - Assessment Value, Fiscal Year and Tax Amounts - Property Usage - Additional 35 Property and Building Characteristics Data available for Marketing Lists/Promotions, Bulk Licensing, Website, Portals & API's and Analytics.


North America (1)
United States of America


157 Million Properties


Free sample available
10% discount if you buy via Datarade
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Frequently asked questions

What is US National Real Estate Property & Assessment Data (157+ Million Property Records)?

For 150 years, The Warren Group has been the leading provider of Real Estate Data in the US. We were the first company to recognize the importance of real estate data.

What is US National Real Estate Property & Assessment Data (157+ Million Property Records) used for?

This product has 5 key use cases. The Warren Group recommends using the data for Real Estate, Real Estate Analytics, Analytics, Real Estate Intelligence, and Real Estate Insights. Global businesses and organizations buy Home Ownership Data from The Warren Group to fuel their analytics and enrichment.

Who can use US National Real Estate Property & Assessment Data (157+ Million Property Records)?

This product is best suited if you’re a Small Business, Medium-sized Business, or Enterprise looking for Home Ownership Data. Get in touch with The Warren Group to see what their data can do for your business and find out which integrations they provide.

Which countries does US National Real Estate Property & Assessment Data (157+ Million Property Records) cover?

This product includes data covering 1 country like USA. The Warren Group is headquartered in United States of America.

How much does US National Real Estate Property & Assessment Data (157+ Million Property Records) cost?

Pricing information for US National Real Estate Property & Assessment Data (157+ Million Property Records) is available by getting in contact with The Warren Group. Connect with The Warren Group to get a quote and arrange custom pricing models based on your data requirements.

How can I get US National Real Estate Property & Assessment Data (157+ Million Property Records)?

Businesses can buy Home Ownership Data from The Warren Group and get the data via SFTP and Email. Depending on your data requirements and subscription budget, The Warren Group can deliver this product in .csv, .xls, and .txt format.

What is the data quality of US National Real Estate Property & Assessment Data (157+ Million Property Records)?

You can compare and assess the data quality of The Warren Group using Datarade’s data marketplace. The Warren Group appears on selected Datarade top lists ranking the best data providers, including Who’s New on Datarade? January Edition.

What are similar products to US National Real Estate Property & Assessment Data (157+ Million Property Records)?

This Tabular Data has 3 related products. These alternatives include US National Real Estate Sale and Mortgage Data (228+Million Records), Real Estate Products, Property, Rankings, Agent Datasets Grepsr, and Datastream Real Property and New Home Owners File USA - Property Ownership Data. You can compare the best Home Ownership Data providers and products via Datarade’s data marketplace and get the right data for your use case.

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